Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fried Lotus Root Chips

We love crispy fried snacks, don't we? I do, I hope you enjoy crunching and munching too. These fried chips are akin the Fried Crab Sticks, super addictive to munch non-stop. Especially while toppling beer or alcohol to forget about lost of love, lost of trust, lost of money, basically whatever we have lost. Sigh! I'm such a negative person, am I not people? Sorry yea. Let me gear up positively. Okay, we can drink, simultaneously crunch into fried lotus roots to glorify Manchester United, Arsenal or Liverpool, for the ladies, while bitching about their best friends.

4 ingredients only people. That too, I'm sure you have oil, pepper and salt forever in your pantry, just get that long thick stick lotus root. Then, thinly slice and fry the roots in batches, then, ash in salt and pepper over the fired-up, oppsiee no, fried roots. Start crunching people. I'm done. I'm leaving you alone. Bye. 

Ingredients (as needed)
Lotus root  - remove skin and slice thinly
Fry sliced lotus root in batches till crispy and golden brown. 
Remove, drain over kitchen towel, and toss in salt and pepper.
Store in air tight container(s).
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  1. hi nava..where can i find the lotus root? how does it look like?

    Peah Speaks #16: I dare you to love...

  2. I always like this. but we seldom fried this, only during CNY, and more on the 'nga gu' ....

  3. YOu can buy lotus root from markets or even supermarkets, its pretty easily available.


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