Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fried Lotus Root Chips

Another crispy fried snack which is the follower or leader of Fried Crab Sticks. Both without a doubt are addictive, but if you are asking me, I think Fried Lotus Root/Chinese Arrowroot is more favorable. Why? I think because its original like me. Ori in the sense that, Lotus Root is the ori tuber from under the soil. Unlike imitation crab sticks and of course, I am always and forever who I am. 4 ingredients only for fried lotus chips. That's all. But, like I have already told you before, frying is quite a time consuming matter and if you are going to make fried lotus chips in big quantity, you better be prepared for standing and sweating in front of the heat from oil and heat, as in heat of flame. Start crunching people. I'm done. Okay bye! 

Ingredients (as needed)
Lotus root  - remove skin and slice thinly
Fry sliced lotus root in batches till crispy and golden brown. 
Remove, drain over kitchen towel, and toss in salt and pepper.
Store in air tight container(s).


  1. hi nava..where can i find the lotus root? how does it look like?

    Peah Speaks #16: I dare you to love...

  2. I always like this. but we seldom fried this, only during CNY, and more on the 'nga gu' ....

  3. YOu can buy lotus root from markets or even supermarkets, its pretty easily available.


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