Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fried Crab Sticks

Addicted, or call it addiction, once you start munching these fried crabs sticks, believe me, you can't stop. On and on we go on, until we realise we have finished up the whole lock, stock and barrel. I know. As easily crunched, making is time consuming. It is. You got to peel the imitation crab sticks one by one, and then slice thinly, and then fry in batches. I know. Your patience will be tested, I know. I used 4 packets, I sweat dripped like a dog, but for the sake of eating, don't you think its worth the time and afford? Absolutely.

Ingredients (for the amount you want to make)
Imitation crab sticks
Salt and pepper

Peel and tear crab sticks, either by hand or with a sharp knife, then slice into thin stripes. 
Fry in batches till brown, crispy and crunchy. 
Drain off excess oil, simultaneously toss in salt and pepper.
Store in air tight containers.
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