Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tomoe - Japanese Restaurant, Subang Jaya

Bored with the eateries nearby our neighbourhood, we drove to Subang Jaya and by chance found this restaurant. After handing over the car keys to the car jockeys, we walked in and were loudly greeted by the Japanese staff who also ushered us to the upstairs dining area where you can sit at the bar, at the open dining area in the center or the individual private rooms. Ordering was a little confusing and time taking as the menu features plenty of true and true Japanese dishes. Eventually, we managed to narrow down and called for hot sake (small), Omakase Sashimi Moriawase (Sashimi - chef's specially for the day), Dada Chamame (Japanese steammed beans), Shisamo (Grilled pregnant fish), Aji Shioyaki (Grilled mackerel), Satoima Nikkaragashi (Yam balls) and Ike Asasi Miso Shiru ( Lala/Clams miso soup).

To start off, we had sake with the green steamed beans and sashimi. The sashimi was good - not everyday treat and significantly better than those we have tasted at many Japanese restaurants. By far this was the freshest varieties of seafood. Also a hearty portion but for two people, instantly polished off within a couple of minutes. Sake was a good choice as it went on well with the seafood and the green pods cased in the beans were fresh,

Next came the rest of the items. The grilled pregnant fish with bits of roe was another just so perfect with sake. Grilled for a lovely crispy outer and really crunchy, every bit of the fish can be nibbled including the head and without worrying about the bones. A little tinge of lemon juice will definitely further elevated the taste.   
Grilled mackerel was the other - grilled to perfection, superior in taste and texture and the soft-tender flesh easily ripped apart. 
The miso clam soup was a sweet melody. Elevated to the next level and further enriched with bonito flakes and miso, the broth was really flavourful.  
In between, we nibbled the yam balls in a soy-miso sauce, generously topped with flaky-crunchy bonito flakes. As we lifted each morsel to savour, it just crumbled in our mouth.
Tomoe  - for the fresh and tasty Japanese food and excellent customer service but pricey (RM388.70) and luckily that we had enough of cash because their credit card system was down. 
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  1. wow almost 400 for a dining...
    i couldnt afford that..

  2. thanks for the recommendation.
    the sashimi looks really good. will give a try :)


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