Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tony Roma's (The Curve, Mutiara Damansara)

When you literally can't say no to celebrating your friend's birthday? We accommodate right?. We can't say no to good friends? Possibly we can't. Henceforth, on this Friday evening, we took the roads for driving all the way from PJ to Mutiara Damansara. Duh! What a drive which tested our patience outrightly. Regardless, like I have already told you, for the happiness of friends? Tony Roma's by the way is not alien to us. We have dined in their Sunway outlet, maybe twice. Anything different in Tony Roma's The Curve. Nothing if you are asking me. The same ambiance, the same menu and service pretty much attentive.

The start to our friendship birthday celebration? Cheers. Ordering and sipping into Hoegaarden beer . One each for the four of us, followed by, Beef Ribs Platter (2x), Salmon Platter, Grilled Lamb, simultaneously, every now and then munching the Onion Loaf.   

Hoegaarden Beer. What is there for me to say? Hoegaarden Beer is, obviously Hoegaarden Beer anywhere and everywhere.
Onion Loaf on the hand? Lovely, Decked up crispy flour coated fried onion rings and seated in the center of this mini towering onion inferno was a sauce for dipping. Absolutely the best pairing while sipping into beer.
Beef Ribs Platter tucked into by our two friends. Charred on the outside and meat effortless falling from the ribs, succulent-juicy prawns, red capsicum and onion in skewer, jacket potato atop with cheese and crispy fried bacon (or ham, not really sure) and batons of fried potatoes. A desirable and pleasurable dish both of our friends commented. They basically lovingly pleasuring into beef ribs platter.
Salmon Platter. Baked salmon teamed alongside yellow rice and steamed broccoli, carrot and zucchini. A filling hearty meal too. However, according to my other half-half, fish most probably was overcooked. Quite dry or cooked before thorough defrosting. Quite a lost to our money before he wouldn't want to dig into salmon after a few mouthful.    
Grilled Lamb. What a let down. Dry and more fats than meat and didn't come with mint sauce as I was expecting. I then requested for chilli sauce which did a tiny bit of justice of infusing some taste to lamb. Broccoli and jacket potato? Both should be given a pass.   
Up next? Instead of desserts, both of us the ladies opting for the fabulous Sour Apple Martini and Chocolate Martini. Walla! Whereas the two men had double pack of "Glenfiddich" whisky water.  

How much did we pay? (RM530.35(inclusive of 10% service charge and 5% govt tax).   

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