Friday, July 16, 2010

SERAI Empire (Empire Subang)

The worthiness. Worthiness in terms of a satisfying meal and I must praise the customer service as well. Customer service personally by the lady owner who made it a point in coming up to us and speaking. Wow! I love this kind of owners who believe in putting customer service as one of their priorities. In fact, not once, but twice. The first time I dined alone and on this day accompanied by other half-half. She also going ahead by suggesting that we must try the cakes. Supposedly or known as one of their households food names as well. We one the other hand politely declined because we were only keen in the mains. Maybe next time? 

How did  we begin and end our food dining experience in Serai? Obviously, the start had to be by taking a look at their menu. Quite a selection, but nothing that will take up much of your time. You will, trust me, like within the next 5 minutes, can decide what to order. 

We ordered and of course, drinks arrived first. Cappuccino? The usual fare with the usual taste. 
"Serai Ice Blended Lychees". Fruity punchiness and I particularly loved the scent of lemongrass. Slushy and the chilled burst which definitely felt good down my throat once I took sips and sips of it. 
Seafood Char Keow Teow. My other half-half forked into the flat rice noodles fried alongside chives/kucai,bean sprouts and fresh prawns, and he smiled. Thumbs up right? Sure.   
Serai platter. The mistake of mine? I completely over looked the fact that this rice dish will be paired with beef rendang. My mistake I admit. Rendang pushed aside, before I tucked into the herbs infused rice, sotong sambal, ayam goreng berempah and achar. Sotong was a slight letdown due  to sweetness, but crispy on the outside and tender meat inside fried chicken was proven. Proven as tastiness and the sweet, sour and spicy achar, what a delight. As for the rice, I would have appreciated another doze of herbs profoundness.
Paying RM64.25 definitely didn't burnt a hole in my other half's pocket. SERAI Empire. Good food, sincere customer service and ambiance, a comfy dining area.

Serai Empire
Lot LG37, Empire Shopping Gallery
Jalan SS16/1, Subang Jaya
Tel:  03-56370706

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  1. hello nava-k. the contact number is 03- btw, not 05 :)

  2. very pricy , i think !!! fried rice for rm 15 !!!!!!!

  3. thanks for visiting my blog and leave a comment for me.=) i think i went serai 3 times or more.i love the squid so much!the pavlova is really awesome!

  4. Hi Carmen - got to agree on you on the taste of the food here, we enjoyed it very much.

  5. hey.. never been there
    should try someday.. thanks dear

  6. Never tried this outlet before..but after looking at your is really tempting though...


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