Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mutton Kurma

My mutton man must be the most happiest man. Why shouldn't he be? I have been visiting him like almost once a week already (Mutton Dalca, Mutton Soup/Sup Kambing, Indian Mutton Meatball Soup & Mutton Parathal). This time though the intention was for a different food lingo. Not a pot of mutton kurma for us. but for family pot luck. Pot luck within the family is sincerely not my health supplement. Tell me about this whole thing about pot luck within the women in the family? God! Such a stressful thing for me. But as always, as the faithful and loyal Indian wife, you know right how important sisters and brothers are for your Indian husband? Tell me again? Not sure if its the same scenario within the Malay and Chinese families, but when an Indian big happy or not happy family is a concern, praising dishes is expected out of you. Even if you choose not to, there will be someone who literally will needle you out. Listen to me please. No matter what, do not be honest because honestly is not the best policy amongst family members. Instead, please try your level best to praise for the sake of keeping your marriage. Indian family, mind you, have you not heard of? Maybe mother in laws, father in laws, brother in laws are not too bad actually, but do not mess around with your sister in laws. Otherwise, you have to feel sorry for yourself. Don't ever, let me remain you again, shake the family tree because the leaves will fall nowhere else except on your husband who will conveniently sweep all of it on your head.  

This mutton kurma didn't receive raving. Like I cared anyway. Who cares anyway. As long as it made my other half-half happy, I can't be happier. After all, at the end of the day, whether his family thinks you are super cook or not, it does not really matter. What is important is your husband's food happiness. Care for his Indian tummy and he will care for you more than ever. This my mutton kurma, made with ready made kurma powder and further elevated alongside pandan leaves, lemongrass, spices, curry leaves and coriander leaves. Akin a major breakthrough in my kitchen. Of course, my other half-half loved it. To every bit. Alright darlings. Keep cooking and if at all you are looking out for a mutton kurma recipe, I'm all yours, I mean my recipe is all yours. Happy cooking beloveds. Take care! 
400g mutton - cut into bite sizes 
1 tsp turmeric (kunyit) powder
1 tbsp ginger paste
1/2 tbsp garlic paste

Mix and marinate mutton with ginger paste, garlic paste and turmeric powder. Set aside until you prepare the rest of the ingredients.  
Other Ingredients
3 tbs of kurma powder (mix with some water for a thick paste)
3 medium size potatoes (cut into medium size pieces with the skin on)
1 large tomato (cut into 8 pieces)
1 large onion (cut into 8 pieces)
3 to 4 red chillies - slit
8 garlic (smashed)
1 lemongrass (smashed)
5-6 pandan (screw-pine) leaves - knock all together
2 sprigs curry leaves
2 sprigs coriander leaves
Spices - 1 cinnamon, 1 anise seed, 3 cardamom & 3 cloves
100g yogurt (2 tbsp or as per taste)
70g/2 tbsp cashew nuts (ground/blend for a smooth paste)
6 tbsp oil
Salt to taste

In heated oil, saute onion, garlic, lemongrass and spices.
Tip in kurma paste.
Stir and cook over low heat till aromatic and oil splits.
Put in mutton, tomato, potato, red chillies, curry leaves and screw-pine/pandan leaves.
Stir and pour 4 cups of water (or as needed)
Stir again and close with a lid.  
Simmer till mutton and potatoes are soft and tender.
Next, combine in yogurt, cashew nut paste and season with salt.   
Stir, off the heat and combine in coriander leaves. 


  1. Look nice, but I don't really favour mutton. :P Can replace with chicken?

  2. So many years didn’t eat this. Fuahh, I am so hungry now!

  3. Damn, I'm hungry now, I guess I'll be having mutton kurma for lunch now :)

  4. Mutton is a hot favourite yours look awesome...

  5. Yummy dish, we don't get pandan leaves in Chennai

  6. this makes me drool..totally irresistible


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