Thursday, July 22, 2010

Chick Kut Teh (Chinese Herbal Soup)

How about we forget about Mutton Dalca, Home Made Curry Mee, Assam Curry Fish and Kangkung Belacan for the time being? Can we cook something different for a change today? Can I get all the yessses? Thank you. You made my day. I always knew I can count on all you great people. Alright. Lets get going before I start again with my long winded grandmother or grandfather stories. I, trust me, given a choice, I can talk till the cows comes home. But I don't think I should, I am rather tired as well. Been a quite a day for me. In fact I just finished cooking, and right now staring at my computer, I better made it short and sweet on this Chick Kut Teh, basically a Chinese Herbal Soup. Look no further than getting a packet of the prepacked Bak Kut Teh herbs. Yeap. Its the same herbs even if you making this soup with pork or chicken. Same herbs. Unless, for those of you who are Chinese, I think you should not have a problem in selecting the herbs individually before bring all together for making chick kut teh. For the rest of us, prepacked herbs will be equally good. Trust me, I am no cheater. I know what I am talking about. Packet herbs won't let you down, neither will I. 

So, what do we do next after getting the herbs? All clearly listed below, mainly simmering over lowest heat, and for my version of Chick Kut Teh, I added mushroom, fucuk, tofu pok and yau mak/salad leaves. For a vegetarian version, hello all you vegetarians. You should know it. In case you  are clueless, obviously no chicken, but lotsa veggies which pleases you and for Chick Kut Teh hitting waking your palates, you need birds eye chillies/red chillies in soy sauce and tad bit of lime/lemon juice. Okay guys, enjoy your Chick Kut Teh, I will see you with another recipe sooner or later. Take care. 
1 sachet of bak kut teh herbs
10 chicken pieces
2 whole garlic
1/2 tbsp dark soy sauce
1 tbsp light soy sauce
1/2 tbsp oyster sauce
1/2 cube of chicken stock (optional)
Salt to taste (taste before adding)

Others (as needed)
tofu pok
Shitake mushrooms -soak to soften
1 flat piece of dried fucuk (dried soy sheets) - soak to soften
6-7 salad leaves (break into pieces)
Spring onion (sliced)

For chilli soy dip
6 birds eye chillies -sliced
1 tbsp lemon juice
2 tbsp "sweet" soya sauce
Combine all together
Method To Prepare Soup:
In a pot, add bak kut teh sachet, garlic and 1 litre of water.
Simmer to heat through.  
Put in chicken,  light and dark sauce, oyster sauce, chicken cube and season with salt (if needed).
Continue to simmer till chicken becomes tender.  
Before serving, add tofu pok, fucuk, and mushrooms. 
Simmer to cook for a couple of minutes.
Scoop the needed amount into a bowl.
Top with salad leaves. 
Serve with rice and chilli soy dip.

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  1. drooling alrdy! loving those chilis :D

  2. I love it and have it often... i wonder how they get rid of the raw smell of meat in a soup... your bowl looks healthy n yum


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