Saturday, May 8, 2010

Seri Langat Seafood Restaurant - Teluk Panglima Garang (Selangor)

The every now and then drive which takes you a few miles away for dining out? Quite a nice feeling right? I know. Instead of heading to the same hawkers stalls within were you are residing? What a feeling right? Of course. On this Sunday, we decided to leave behind our familiar Kota Kemuning cocoon for heading towards Pulau Carey. But somehow, maybe just a few kilometres away from Pulau Carey, we spotted Seri Langat Seafood Restaurant. Seemingly like the unexpected. Why not we told ourselves. Into Seri Langat Seafood Restaurant which by then was already swarmed by a good number of customers and more making their way in. Popped up on our table once we sat was Mango Asam Booi Pickle. My-My! What a sour-sweet my mouth pleasure while we were deciding on the dishes. No Menu. Just basically asking and finding out in this coffee shop style, unassuming and no frill seafood restaurant. 
Dishes came cruising simultaneously within 10 minutes or so, and we of course, getting down to tucking in. Curried Siakap Fish. One whole sliced fish in a thick curry and cooked alongside chillies, curry leaves, onion and ladies fingers. Fresh catch and according to our liking spicy curry. Not bad.     
Hokkien Mee. Thick yellow noodles, seafood and leafy veggies fried up together and soaking in a thick soy based gravy/sauce. Anything outstanding? Must we drive this far for such a Hokkien Mee? I don't think so. 
Garlic Asparagus. Overcooked and literally killed asparagus in big wok stir frying. Out. 
Salted Egg Crab. The worst disaster. Too over-salty until you just don't want to touch the crabs. Despite us not wanting to waste this rather expensive dish, we gave up on eating.
The so called efficient service initially we were impressed started to slack and I think due to struggling in coping with the number of customers. Our extra rice called for was no where to be seen until we didn't want to push for it any further. Settling the bill for RM103.00, as we walked back to our car, we couldn't stop debating if we should bring our family or friends to Seri Langat Seafood Restaurant if warranted for. What do you think? Must we do another dining experience in Seri Langat Seafood Restaurant?   

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