Saturday, May 29, 2010

RUEBEN'S Bistro & Pub - Taipan, Subang Jaya

Rueben's Bistro & Pub - the affordable watering hole for near and afar customers who like a drink or two or "the more the merrier" before going home or don't want to go home. Beer is the main crowd puller though some prefer to park bottles. The early crowd mostly about maturity. They are here after the clock strikes 5 and leave by 8pm before the drama unfolds at home. The "upbeat, hei! what's up man" crowd stroll in later after 10 o'clock or so. My other half-half? Unsure I am if he is among the early or late customers but he sure got lots of stories to tell over the next few days. And when comes home as he pleases, no point thrashing it out there and then because the voice is louder and there we go until sometimes, the next day, the neighbours look at me one kind.

Over the years and after being with him for donkey years, I have changed my strategy. Instead of arguing during the wee hours, the next day I lash him upside down to make my point - "I think better you don't come back home and sleep in the pub or stay on your own and do as you like. But remember, bank in my pocket money on the dot end of the month".  Well, life? Oh my colourful life.
I was also told by the regulars (ya, I know them as well) the food at Rueben I should try. So, on this weekday evening, I came by with half-half and goodness!! The pub full of males and they were rocking whereas a few lunatics gave me the "MGR" look. Okay-lah, I was the only woman excluding the two staff. Instead of sitting inside ( trendy and like a pub al-right) with the noise-smoke pollution, we sat outside for meal time. The menu quite basic but they sure know the dishes people will order after drinking. We ordered ice lemon tea, mutton nasi lemak, lamb chops and sky juice. 

Service was quite prompt but the ice lemon tea wasn't prompt. I think whoever who fixed the drink must have been still drunk or they forgot to buy lemons. Honestly, ice lemon tea was purely chilled tea. I kept quite because I didn't want to "take Rueben" neither behaved like a diva (sometimes I do) and return the drink.       
The nasi lemak for half-half however was not too bad or perhaps as long as there's mutton, this Indian man will happily eat. Jokes aside. The sambal especially kicked quite a punch and when eaten with the coconut milk rice, fried egg, mutton curry, cucumber, fried peanuts and anchovies, lovely taste. Mutton curry wasn't a let down but could have been better.   
The lamb chops for yours truly almost border disaster. The sauce disastrous. I thought maybe its only my taste buds. so I asked half-half to taste and he couldn't agree more. The sauce macam dari botol/store bought and poured over the grilled chops. The chops nicely cooked but without a flavourful sauce, dry and I didn't want to eat. The fried fries, I can fry at home and the coleslaw, I think the chef tried to showcase his/her skills. 
The regulars who recommended the food? Well, you know how it is right after gulping down whisky? Anything will taste so good and any woman the most charming woman. Food I sure know is not the forte of Rueben. The chef should be booted or he/she should take a walk. Whoever Rueben is, Cheers brother!!  

NO 41, Jalan USJ 9/5Q,
Subang Business Centre
Subang Jaya
Tel:  03-80241446.

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  1. This is the last place that you want to go, the beer is fake and the food is expensive, check out their latest menu, this is the first time I see a 'menu' without price.

    1. Hai Reubens as the place in Subang to enjoy your drinks with family and frens. My brother used to be a loyal customer there n now Im following his footsteps. Well when there is good there will be evil. Hail REUBENS! - PREMINEM

    2. Quote: "the more the merrier" before going home or don't want to go home???" ha, dream on, the MALE boss would chase you out if you are the last customer (yes CUSTOMER), without asking he would ask the staff to turn off the music and whatever to give you a BIG HINT that "hey you better go".
      What kind of service is this?

    3. Forget it, the naughty Nelly next next door offer better beer and 200% better service

  2. I have the same experience with this stupid Rueben's Pub and Bistro, I used to like the pub but now that they are "famous" they don't value their regulars anymore, just look at Rajan's, not drunk also I will puke

    1. Yes especially after the boss married Rajan, sometimes I wonder he married her for the money


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