Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Nyonya Delight Cafe - Aeon, Bukit Tinggi, Klang

For the first time ever, we were in Aeon, a huge shopping mall packed like a sardine on this Sunday. As we walked in at about 3pm alongside with the rest of the people, we were confused about which direction and where to buy the things I have already listed out. Then, after looking through the mall directory on the ground floor, we sort of got our barrings together and knew which direction we should walk to.

Amidst the busyness of the outlets because of the mega sale, I was happy for the discounts offered. But shopping among the thousands wasn't a comfort zone. Kids running around aimlessly and screaming their heads away while I was choosing the things and standing in the long queue to pay the bill. We then quickly left, came over to Nyonya delight cafe on the first floor (F19), placed our order at the self service counter and sat at the nearest empty table.
Sure enough the instantly put together food and drinks arrived within a couple of minutes. The nasi lemak set I had was different. Instead of the normal white coconut rice, this version came with nasi kerabu/blue rice, paired with the essential condiments - chicken rendang, sambal, egg, fried anchovies, fried peanuts and cucumber-carrot achar. Taste-wise acceptable despite the fact that the chicken was raw inside. I couldn't eat. Chicken was pushed aside as I tried to finish off the dish.
The bubur chaca however was not too bad - coconut milk dessert without stinging on the yam and sweet potatoes. Just the right amount of sweetness. I polished off every bit as I was still hungry.  
The star dish had to be the curry laksa my other half had. Noodles drenched in a spicy-creamy curry leaf scented curry/broth, topped with prawns, chicken meat, red chillies, mint leaves and a dollop of sambal. Clearly well executed without compromising on the loveable Nyonya flavours. He ate up and drank up the tea which by then was already cold.

We paid RM23.20 and left the cafe with mixed feelings - he loved what he had whereas I wasn't really satisfied as the half cooked chicken in the nasi lemak was a let down.

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  1. I normally eat chee cheong fun,looks like it will be curry laksa next.

  2. Food looks good, speciall the curry dish...looks very flavourful!

  3. I hate it when the chicken is half cooked in a dish, I just cant eat anything which is half cooked in non-veg.

  4. I always love the nyonya dishes particularly those done with coconut milk.. Loved all these dishes


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