Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hong Kong Point - Centre Point, Bandar Utama

Hong Kong Point is located at one of the entrances at Centre Point, and it is opposite Better Vision (an optometrist shop). It is a small shop, so most of the tables are placed neatly alongside the wall. But if you don’t like people walking up and down the entrance walkway whilst you savour the dishes, you can opt to sit inside the rather tiny shop. There’s a table or two in there. As the name suggests, the menu is rather “Hong Kong-ish”, with various types of noodles, bubble teas, glutinous rice balls and dessert.

The Five Spices Minced Chicken Gravy Mee, RM5.50, sounded appetising and so the order was placed. The ingredients include mee (white-coloured noodles that looked like longevity noodles), minced chicken, sliced mushroom, fried bread, vegetables and chicken soup. The noodles had a “raw” smell to it aka it smelled like flour, but thankfully, it didn’t taste off or like raw flour at all.

The dish’s name mentioned five spices, but the soup wasn’t laden with the taste of spices. There was a hint of “chi-kut-the’ type of soup, and surprisingly it was palatable enough. If you prefer you could opt for the set, RM6.90, which includes a drink and dessert.

The menu also offers Chicken Rice Set RM7.90, and a range of iced and blended bubble teas, RM3.80 to RM3.90, red bean paste, RM3.80, and many others. A sign on the window says No Pork served, and if you work in Centre Point, then you can opt for the free delivery service from Mondays to Sundays, 12 noon to 10pm. 

I ordered the Red Plum Red Tea (iced bubble tea) to-go, and the drink was green (no, not red) in colour. The red plum was too tame aka not sour and salty enough.
They leave some magazines on the table for you to read, whilst you enjoy the food. But alas, the magazines are all in Chinese. The bill came to RM9.90, including RM0.50 for plain water. There was no tax included and that is always welcomed!

Hong Kong Point
G15, Ground Floor, Centre Point
Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya

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