Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ah Koong Eating House - USJ Taipan, Subang Jaya

Supposedly the noodle pride in Taipan which was given a high recommendation. By our Chinese friend and he sort of insisting we must try Ah Koong Eating House. The eating house to various types of noodle dishes. Not the standard menu kinda thing like in other noodle eateries. In Ah Koong (non-halal ), you have the liberty to mixing and matching. Mixing and matching? Indeed. Your choice to the type of noodles and the toppings. Toppings basically are fish based items, thrown in pork items as well. Quite a long stretch of varieties mind you and the ordering is done right in front where the cooking also takes place. To order, stand in the queue, point or tell them what you want before you make your way into the air-conditioned dining area. 

Being a Sunday, oh-god. Not so bad when ordering, but once we entered the dining area. A noisy mad house. Banging of forks, spoons, and chopsticks, kids and their tantrums, and tell me about slurpy eating by some people. Must I specifically mention the Chinese style to loud slurping? Nothing much you can do. Like they say, when in Rome, do as the Romans do, and when you are in Ah Koong Eating House, do as the Chinese do or close your ears and maybe even your eyes. But if you have no choice, you have to share a table with them, best of luck to you. Thank god we managed to secure a table at the far end all by ourselves before ordering our drinks.

Efficient service. Despite almost full house. Within less than 10 minutes, food and drinks were placed on our table. Spinach noodle and fish balls, fried pork balls, fish cake, seaweed and salad leaves, garnished with fried garlic and spring onion in fish broth? Appreciated. 
Flavorful no fishy smell broth, al-dente spinach noodles and springy and bouncy fish balls, fish cake and pork balls. But what to spinach noodles? Tasted like normal noodles. Ice blended pineapple? Pineapple slushiness and I think only a tiny bit of sugar added.

Tom Yam Noodle Soup. Big prawns, fish balls, squids, abalone and noodles in a spicy-sour broth. My other half-half enjoyed every bit of it and for mellowing down its spiciness, chilled beer.
All in all,  a meal we sincerely appreciated (RM32.5), but whether a big wow noodle factor, I think we can start debating right now.   

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  1. the ah kong eating hse food is awesome..i think theyre the only place in kl that has fish slices in the noodle..the fried stuff is super awesome..n the fishball taste authentic..unlike those frm the normal stalls...