Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Kampung Fried Rice/Nasi Goreng Kampung

Kampung Fried Rice. Nasi Goreng Kampung. From the land of Malaysia and from my kitchen village style fried rice. In fact, an authentic style and if you are asking me, I am not wrong in saying that the key ingredient is ikan bilis/anchovies. We Malaysians, especially this Malaysian woman, she just can't leave anchovies alone. Saltiness I think should have been my middle name. Jokes aside, the how to Kampung Fried Rice? An uncomplicated cooking matter. Leftover cooked white rice fried alongside ingredients as listed below. Of course, my style to my Kampung Fried Rice which I know will be your one complete wholesome, delightful meal. 

3 cups cooked white rice
1 medium size squid  - clean and slice
3 tbsp ikan bilis/anchovies - soak (10 mins ) and snip into smaller pieces
1 medium size onion  - sliced
3-4 chilli padi/birds eye chillies/red chilies - slice (optional)
10 french beans (sliced)
2 sprigs of coriander leaves - slice thinly
1/2 tbsp blended/grounded dried red chillies/chilli paste
Oil - as needed
Salt to taste.
Heat enough oil in a large wok. 
When heated, fry anchovies till crispy and crunchy.
Remove and keep aside.
Leave about 3 tbsp oil in the wok.
Put in onion, squid and blended chilli.
Fry for about 2 to 3 mins.
Add rice, birds eye chillies, French beans and salt.
Stir and fry for 4-5 minutes to mix and coat rice well.
Lastly, add coriander leaves and fried anchovies.
Stir a couple of times and remove from heat.
Optional - pair alongside cucumber slices, tomato slices and fried egg. You should.


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