Thursday, February 4, 2010

Spicy Sardine Sambal With Potatoes

Sardines comes in handy on the days I run out of poultry.  I normally buy and keep some cans just in case I need to cook something instantly.  Sardine recipes varies, but this is the typical Malaysian version. This dish is surely delicious to be eaten with rice or bread. Its also always a winner at home, sort of must have at least every one month once.

2 small tins of sardine - drain the sauce
1 medium size tomato - sliced
1 tablespoon of assam/tamarind juice
2 tablespoon dried chilli paste
1/2  tablespoon of shallot paste
1 teaspoon garlic paste
4 medium size potatoes - sliced
Heat oil. 
Add chilli paste, garlic paste and ginger paste. 
Stir and simmer till aromatic. 
Add potatoes, tomatoes, tamarind juice, salt and enough water for gravy and to cook the potatoes. 
Next add sardines. Stir till gravy thickens.

Dish out
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