Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Kavitha's Curry House - Section 5, Petaling Garden

Ever now and then, I yearn for a hearty banana leaf lunch, obviously at Indian restaurants. I simply adore the varieties of vegetables, curries, pickles, chutneys, papadam and the rest of the accompaniments, as a package with rice, there's also other sides dishes as extra calling (Krishna Curry House). Kavitha's we have frequented a number of times, back again even though we have moved away from Petaling Jaya.

A late lunch for we arrived at 1.45pm, with the sun in full swing, off to the upstairs air conditioned dining area. Before that, at the food counter downstairs, we ordered fried fish, fried prawns, fish cutlets, curried crabs and fried bitter gourd. 

Packed with customers the dining area, as I sat and looked around, cleanliness was sad sight. Messy, run down and I didn't want to imagine how the kitchen would have been. Well, we were hungry, so we zipped up our mouth and waited for service.  
Service was another disappointment. The staff noticed but "made don't know" for more than 10 minutes. After waving and calling-calling, we managed to call for drink, Bottled soya bean, warm mooru and chilled mooru (Indian yoghurt drink), these came by soon. 
By now, only two types of veggies on the house (cucumber salad and stir fried cabbage) but I suppose still okay because ikan bilis sambal and pudina/mint chutney were still available. Sambal and chutney - always been good here, the taste wasn't compromised. These we at once eat with rice drenched with curry. 
As for the extra dishes, waiting was the game again. Just as we thought of finishing off our meal and leaving, the dishes arrived. Fish cutlets, not too bad - spicy and still hot. Fried fish, fried prawns, curried crabs and fried bitter gourd, the common items you get in other Indian restaurants, just a pass, okay. 

With over-ordering, we struggled to finish up the extra dishes. Meal over, we paid RM67.00 and left. Will we return to Kavitha's - question mark. 

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