Friday, February 5, 2010

Garden Café @ The Curve

It’s hard to miss – the decorations at Garden Café. Situated across Laundry and a few steps away from Penang Village, Garden Cafe is visually arresting in oh-so many ways. From the onset, one is greeted with the coordinated interplay of green and white colours. The ambience is set to the likes of an English garden and I envisioned people drinking tea in quaint teacups with their pinky finger sticking out. Well, reality wise… not so much.

The design concept is interesting enough to make one do a double take. There are lots of flowers, green hedges, refreshingly white-coloured furniture and even blue skies painted on the ceiling.

Despite of what the cafe had going decoratively, the café’s food is average at best. They offer set lunch which includes a Main Course, Soup of the Day and a choice of Ice Lemon Tea or Coffee. The set lunch is served daily from 11am to 3pm and is priced between RM12.90 to RM19.90.
I ordered the set lunch with Ginger Dory Fish as Main Course and Ice Lemon Tea was my choice of beverage. The Soup of the Day was French Onion Soup, which was on the acceptable spicy side. The pan seared Dory fish with butter ginger sauce, pineapple slices and mashed potato was well… average. The mashed potato was adequately creamy and yummy but the texture was really flat aka it seemed like someone had anger issues and mashed ‘em really good. Sadly, the mashed potato was the best part of the meal. There’s nothing interestingly tasty about the six pieces of fish fillet or its accompanying sauces. Despite its name Ginger Dory Fish, the taste of ginger was almost non-existent.

Dessert (not part of the set lunch) was Red Apple Sorbet (RM9.90). This means sorbet scooped into the frozen skin of half an apple. And unlike what an average (it doesn’t even have to be heavenly!) chocolate cake could always save the day for me, the sorbet did nothing to keep the palate satiated.
A glass of water (with a thin slice of lemon swimming in it) costs RM1.00. So, you’ve been told – no free water here. I tried visiting the URL,, obtained from the Set Lunch leaflet but was presented with an error page. The café is pork-free and the address is G41, The Curve, Mutiara Damansara. Their other outlet is located at Lot Lot 308C LG Oval, 1 Utama.

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  1. What a lovely place to have tea and a bite to eat! I love the decorations. It is beautiful. No free water..hmmm. you will have to speak to the!

  2. I think other places too do not serve free water, have experienced this before.