Saturday, January 30, 2010

CASTELL Restaurant & Bar (Petaling Jaya)

Unless for a specific reason, seldom we drive to Petaling Jaya from Shah Alam. Also, now that there's ample eateries within our area, hardly the reason for the evening drive in the jam to the familiar Petaling Jaya, especially to Castell. Castell - sort of a landmark at Jalan Universiti, been in business for the longest time and those courting years in the lightly dimmed romantic ambiance, does bring back the fond memories of "my world is not complete without you". Of course, the Western cuisine quite a winner as well.

After about 4 years, we returned again as suggested by the good friend. We didn't mind since the roads were practically empty due to the long public holiday. When we walked into Castell, things were slightly different. Castell refurbished, indicating a new management. Then to the first floor passing by the bar to sit at the balcony facing the main road.

To start off, fresh oysters and a basket of bread. Bread definitely not my game and this "nothing to say" bread paired with olive oil in balsamic vinegar and a little fried garlic atop, finished off by half-half and the friend. The oysters of course-of course, fresh-fresh and yum when dashed with Tabasco sauce or lemon juice.  

The Rib Eye Australian Steak for the friend wasn't pleasing. He commented the meat was tough and well done though he requested for medium rare. Anyway, he still tucked into the steak accompanied with plain jacket potato, corn and salad.
My other half however happily tucked into the lamb shank - a generous portion with mashed potatoes in a thick flavourful gravy and bits of carrots. He surely polished up and grinned. 
Mine was the mixed platter - grilled chicken, prawns and sausage, paired with salad, baked potato and corn. The chicken was a disaster as the meat was still raw as I sliced in, thus I pushed it aside. The accompaniments I ate but I wouldn't clap.   
To keep the night going, we ordered a bottle of wine. Wine frankly for me is a wine so long as I feel nice. One bottle for the three of us? Impossibly, wasn't enough, so the men toppled two packs of whisky while I was seeing stars after the full glass of wine.

Dinner (RM357.00) at Castell had its flaws but the relaxed night with food and the friend we appreciated.   

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