Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sambal Bilis Petai

Petai, aka Stink Beans. We Malaysians love it. Maybe I shouldn't generalize, maybe best for me to say that typical, authentic, hardcore born and bred Malaysians like me just so love Petai. Honestly, petai is my love from, I can even recall from what age I have been eating petai. But confirmed, assured, petai been my food residence. In fact, each time I am at the Malay stalls, the first dish I literally dash towards is anything, any kinda of petai dish. Petai basically is the green pod bulging from the the long green beans and prior to cooking, you need to get the pods out by sliding your knife in between the bulge. My recipe of the day today, is not the standard fiery reddish looking sambal in which petai is cooked. It is on the other hand a traditional dry sambal. Light frying of the pounded ingredients. Petai, bilis, boiled eggs, chillies and shallots, and seasoned by lime juice and salt. Obviously, something different, but trust me, you won't regret tucking into this raw kinda Sambal Bilis Petai alongside rice. Believe me you. 

5 tablespoon ikan bilis -soaked and rinsed thoroughly to remove the little bones.
1 big onion
5 birds eye chillies/cili padi or red chillies (as needed)
I small bunch of petai (only the beans)
3 boiled eggs (chopped)
Lime/lemon juice - as needed
3 tablespoon oil
Salt for taste
Roughly pound petai with ikan bilis, onion and chillies, together or separately, whichever is a better alternative,
Keep aside.
Heat oil and add the pounded ingredients.
Saute over low heat for a couple of minutes.
Add eggs, lime juice and salt.
Stir and fry to combine all the ingredients for just a few minutes.
Dish out.

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  1. This is an absolute new dish to me, but seems so interesting!


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