Friday, November 27, 2009

Krishna Curry House - Jalan 222, Petaling Jaya

At least once a month, we are at Krishna curry house, usually an early lunch for their freshly cooked banana leaf meal. Let me repeat again, fresh is the word for lunch, but dinner? Just a suggestion, of course its your choice over what I am saying, its better to opt for their "cooked on the spot" food like tosai, mee goreng, chappati or roti canai. Hopefully you know what I am implying, for lunch, I'll also suggest you are here earlier than the massive lunch time crowd. Otherwise, if you don't mind waiting or sharing table. An early lunch will also ensure a nice parking spot across this restaurant, or park at the back and walk up.

The signature dishes at this curry house, must be mentioned are the claypot lamb and claypot chicken. A must take for us, our friends have also agreed, these two dishes are worth the try. Perhaps you should include or have a go to the Biryani. We have tried, we vouch its a lovely wholesome meal. Regardless, we still prefer the plain humble white rice, alongside the side veggie dishes, curries, curries, papadam, rasam and mooru - indeed, the standard package as in other Indian restaurants.

To top up, you can look-see, look-see at the pre-cooked dishes displayed on the shelves, then decide, or sit back and get the service from the staff. Whichever, on this day, we called for our favourites, yes, the claypot chicken, claypot mutton bone marrow and a plate of brinjal sambal/cooked in chilli gravy. Thereafter, meal was ready, we tucked in.    

Still good as ever, we agreed, claypot dishes still delicious after many years - tender soft mutton soaked in thick, spicy aromatic curry, I suppose the layer of oil atop can't be helped yea. We are talking about mutton, are we not? No fats, no oil, can't be mutton man!. The claypot chicken, yo-yo, the same story, spicy curry, except of course it must be tender chicken pieces right?    
Equally delicious was the mushy brinjal in a spicy-mildly sweet gravy. The rest of the dishes, I mean those that came together as in as the banana leaf set meal, alright, fared quite right, when eaten with rice for a filling hearty meal. We paid RM30.00 and happily walked back to our car parked at the corner of the restaurant. Now that we are staying further away from Petaling Jaya, quite a distance to return again as regularly as before. Perhaps once a while still worth the long drive for the claypot lamb and chicken.

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