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Saree we Indian ladies know is the ever-forever traditional wear and which has gone through layers of transformation, notably the designs and patterns. Saree is also trending among the other communities as it is or as Punjabi Suits, Baju Kebaya and Baju Kurung. Whichever the choice, the one whole piece of 6 yards saree doesn't last forever despite dry cleaning and safe keeping. More so, we probably wear once or twice because "cannot, cannot, I can't wear the same one. Everyone has seen" and eventually, the wear and tear of saree will be noticeable. Thus, "Save The Sarees" by recycling. Here I am going to show you how to saree up your house. Let's get going now!!

Sarees For Cushion Covers:
First and foremost, the saree colours to coordinate with your walls, sofa and accessories. Thereafter buy plain cushions in different sizes (or use existing ones), depending where you would like to place them, for example on your sofa or lazily thrown on the floor. After that, cut the material to fit the size of the cushions (an inch extra at the edges including for zipping) and either sew it yourself or "hello tailor, please sew and I'll pay you".

Sarees As Curtains:
Select the saree material and decide - transparent ones may need another layer of plain curtains. Next, measure the sliding door and windows (presumingly the same sizes across the board), stitch the edges (edging) and hang up. In my house, I drape the saree pieces on wooden curtain rods, bow up and against the wooden blinds.

Sarees As Wall Decorations (see the first picture)
Again, wisely choose the sarees to match the wall colours and if you can do it yourself, frame in the wooden frames or for a fee, can be done at the shops.

So you see ladies and gentlemen, sarees are still a beauty with a little creativity.

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  1. This is always one concept I`ve always loved. Especially draping them as curtains in your room.

    Must try it with the mat sallehs pretty sure it`ll be a hit!!


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