About Me

For 25 years of my life, I was passionate, contented and happy as a Senior Lecturer in a private higher learning institution. Along the way, the demand and scope of my job became tiring and stressful to the extent that I had no my time for anything else except work. I was even working during weekends from my house.

Slowly but surely I charted my own future path. Working and simultaneously managing my own small business wasn’t easy but I’m glad I took the steps towards where I am today. I now conduct individual and small cooking classes and manage my exclusive private home dining restaurant. Blogging has also opened doors to opportunities whereby I'm invited for food reviews and product launching events; alongside with writing sponsored posts. And my recipes on my blog are much loved by many for its simplicity and practically. In between, I do try to accommodate request for part time lecturing.

Feel free to contact me at krishnan.nava@gmail.com if I’m the person you’ve looking for.

Nava Krishnan
MBA (CSU, Mgt), Dip (MIM, Mgt), Deg (ACAP, Counselling), CPM (APMF), Int. Cert (Bread Making, Taylor’s University), Int. Cert (Patisserie, Taylor University), Dip (Beauty Therapist), Cert (ITEC, Beauty Therapist) & MLVK (Jurusolek).

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