Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Oats Coated Fried Prawns

It took me a couple of years before I could gasp the true meaning and underpinning real facts to why married couples should travel together (Italy). No doubt, of course I knew that travelling by itself will broaden our horizon once we explore near and afar places. Additionally, travelling back then was one which only the rich and famous could afford, but not anymore. These days anyone for the matter can travel. Thanks to the low cost carriers and budgeted/home stay accommodations, for couples like us who have been married for donkey years, essentially, travelling is about spending quality moments as in to keep the love flame going for many more years to come. Otherwise, because of the stressful daily grind, we tend to take each other for granted. Consequently, marriage apparently becomes more of a daily routine of fulfilling marital duties instead of towards real love.

For the both of us, we try, we do try our utmost best on spending quality time each day, but travelling together (Norway/Denmark) is akin another honeymoon to rekindle our love (South Africa). I am not saying there won't be arguments on who is right and wrong, but compromising it is all about. By the time you read this post, we probably will be up in the air or in the midst of sightseeing in another part of the "moshi-moshi/arigato" land (Hokkaido/Sapporo). So, its gonna be quiet here, but you sure can keep in touch on what's latest with me at every other social media.

Alright ladies and gentlemen, let me move on to the recipe. Prawns (Thai Red Prawn Curry, Penang Mee Udang & Butter Prawns) are not always a call in my house. I hate cleaning them, they are not cheap neither we love prawns crazily (Prawn Yogurt Salad, Prawn Mango Curry & Prawn Cabbage Coconut Gravy). Nonetheless, we won't mind delighting into these oat coated fried prawns (Prawn Fritters) every once a while. - fresh clean prawns, dipped in egg white, rolled over oats and fried to utter crispy crunchy sumptuousness (Cornflakes Baked Chicken Wings).

Take care everyone. Catch up when I am back yea.
10 medium size prawns - de-vein, leave the tail on and pat dry
Some salt
Some crushed black pepper
Mix these ingredients together

Other ingredient
1 egg white - whisk lightly
1/2 cup (more or less) rolled oats
Oil for frying

Toss prawns in egg white.
Then take one by one, roll over oats and deep fry.

Serve with chilli sauce or other dips.
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  1. This is irresistible.. so crisp n yum

  2. I love the prawns and the oat coating makes them even more tempting.

  3. The prawns look so cute, Nava! I'll probably finish them in seconds! xoxo

  4. I m reading a recipe like this for the first time on my blog.. looks super yummy and easy to make.. thanks fr sharing

  5. Awesome recipe..so easily made..Loved the crunchy prawns.

  6. I just can't resist ..these prawns look super yummy ...loved it

  7. Prawns are always a must have for me. Tempted


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