Thursday, October 27, 2016

Thai Red Prawn Curry

The almost knocking on our door festival of lights/Deepavali definitely calls for traditional sweets, desserts and cakes (Saffron Cinnamon Poached Pears, Kesari, Rava/Semolina Ladoo. Mango Kulfi & Rava Kheer). But really, I can’t help but wonder if people still happily and sadly tuck into those sugar loaded, milk loaded, ghee loaded and flour loaded sweet stuffs. I for once have never been a sweet tooth person (Skinny Pumpkin Pie), moreover now in my fifties when it’s extremely easy to put on extra kilos (Peach Raisin Bread Pudding & Eggless Microwave Lava Cake)

Of course, once a while, a little sweetness won’t turn to major bitterness, but if the urge for traditional sweets is blown out of proportion, fortunately or unfortunately, you will be in the same category of the heavy duty bouncy Indian ladies. And, mind you, you won't have a problem being friends forever with those sincerely or insincerely married heavy weight obedient ladies. Basically, everyone is big, so there’s no harm in another. Just that the question is who is heavier than art thou.

Indian women generally tend to put on weight especially when they have a legal or illegal husband. Moreover, after one kid, god only knows why they balloon up like the biggest hot air balloon. Honestly, I can't nail the exact reasons, though commonly mentioned can be hormone imbalances, no time to exercise, extremely busy and they sure claim they hardly eat. In actual fact, behind the scene, some do quietly gawk on chocolates(Chocolate Genoise & Nescafe Chocolate Cake), ice cream (Nescafe Ice Cream & Coconut Red Bean Ice Cream) or work their mouth non-stop by talking and munching snacks (Chempedak Goreng Bijan & Banana Fritters) during working hours. The no time factor is presumably because of busy as ever watching Tamil dramas, rushing for the first screening of Rajinikanth’s movie and must be included is "my life on social media for all to aw".  

Anyway, for this Deepavali, we should really consider reducing the amount of sugar for traditional sweets. Remember, moderation is the key to health and everything else as well. Deepavali is not a show to impress our Indian neighbours, but logically it is what we can afford. In other words, instead of burning the bridge of money and then curse and swear at who it can be except family and Indian friends for not helping out, it doesn't hurt to be prudent. More importantly, please don’t waste food. Think of those who can only afford fried egg, soy sauce and rice as the only meal for the day.  

That said, it is now time for the recipe. Today I have for you Thai Style Prawn Curry which you should really consider for "Happy-Happy Deepavali" instead of the same prawn dish (Pepper Tamarind Curry, Prawn Mango Curry, Butter Basil Prawns, Prawn Brinjal Curry & Lemongrass Chilli Prawn) year in year out. If by any change you make this superbly tempting and vibrantly appealing prawn curry (Thai Lamb Massaman Curry, Thai Style Fried Chicken, Thai Mango Fish), please do mention that the recipe is at the courtesy of not-so-famous nava-k! Aha! Take care guys. Happy Deepavali to all my Hindu followers, fans, bloggers and friends. Catch up after the festive season yea. 
1/2 kg medium size prawns - de-vein, remove head, leave the tail on and pat dry
1 tsp turmeric powder
2 medium size tomatoes - finely chopped
1/4 cup thick coconut milk
Powdered palm sugar/Gula Melaka to taste
Some kaffir lime/limau purut leaves - shredded
1/2 tbsp fish sauce
1/4 cup oil
Salt for taste (taste first before adding)
1/2 cup water

For the sambal paste
3 dried red chillies
3 fresh red chillies
5 garlic
1/2 inch ginger
1 medium size red onion
1/2 inch roasted belacan/shrimp paste urry
1 large serai
**pulse/blend these ingredients with some water for a thick paste

Toss prawns with turmeric powder.
Set aside.
Heat oil.
Tip in sambal paste.
Simmer and cook till aromatic and oil splits.
Add tomato.
Stir in and pour water.
More water for more gravy please.
Simmer and cook to thicken.
Add prawns.
Season with palm sugar and fish sauce.
Stir and taste, then add salt if needed.
Simmer till prawns are almost cooked.
Pour in coconut milk and add kaffir lime leaves.
Stir a couple of times and dish out.
Note - do not overcook prawns, otherwise they will turn rubbery)
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  1. WOW...this thai prawn curry is making me drool...loved it

  2. I love prawns and this is one fantastic way to prepare them. Wonderful!

  3. Wow, love the orangey red! It does look spicy to me, Nava! xoxo

  4. A tasty dish for Depavali,enjoy the festival of lights!

  5. lot of flavors in the curry to make it yumm

  6. I love thai food. I love prawns and I am literally drooling. This is a lovely share my dear!

  7. ohh well even though m not that old bt sugar is a no fr me.. I eat everything bt watch closely so that i dont put on more and mine is a hormonal problem... This prawn curry looks yummy, with coconut milk in it will be surely yummm... Thanks fr the recipe..
    Wishing u a Happy Diwali in advance :)

  8. Beautiful presentation. And I love the colour of your curry!! I have been gorging on sweets...really can't help during this time of the year!But with whatever I make at home, the quantity of sugar is greatly reduced.
    happy Diwali to you and yours too!!

  9. Oh, prawns are my ultimate! I love them spicy especially.

  10. really tempting curry!Love that colour


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