Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Premier Clinic Taman Tun Dr Ismail - Simply Pristine Event

Malaysians generally I think are attuned to judge people by their age. But let me tell you something. Honestly, I have and I will never ever shy away from admitting my age. Why should I? In all fairness, at 52 years old, definitely I don't have any intention whatsoever to snatch Mrs. Malaysia's neither Mrs. Kota Kemuning's crown. Yet, confidently I profess I do look good for my age and I can give a good run to the 20s, 30s and 40s I bump at blogger events. I am still in shape, I have been diligently maintaining my skin and I still have a head-full of hair. More importantly, I love myself for who I am. So, you see, I don't have a problem with my age. Therein the problem lies in the eyes of the Malaysians who fail to see and understand that age has nothing to do with looks. Anyone, anyone for the matter can look good if they want to.
For the time being, let's just forget about the "millennial" generation who "modify" their beauty with beauty apps. Right at this point, I am going to take you through the real-deal at the helms of the professional doctors in Premier Clinic. My first ever ultrasonic deep pore cleansing and silk peel at Premier Clinic Bangsar 3 months ago, recently gladly I made my way to Premier Clinic Taman Tun for the "Simply Pristine Event". Ushered in warmly by every other staff, I attentively listened to the famous Dr Chen Tai Ho who spoke on a couple of important beauty facts including the daily beauty regime regardless of age and gender. Essentially a must please, during this first session, “Pristine” medical grade skincare was introduced as well. Made in USA and recommended by health care professionals, Pristine is clinically tested to be safe and effective for use after aesthetic and beauty procedures. If I am not mistaken, the pride and joy of Pristine skin care can also be all yours even if you have not undergone any kind of beauty treatment. 

Indeed, I tested some of the products, unfortunately I was not among the rest who had the privilege to witness the Premier Stem Cell Hair Treatment performed by Dr Michelle Lai. Oh-well, home affairs called and I had to leave. These are some of the pictures courtesy of Premier Clinic. Take note also ladies and gentlemen, the relevant information to the treatment.   

Thank you Premier Clinic for this knowledgeable event. Rest assured, I won’t break free from maintaining my skin for the years to come. Hail to my fiftiessixties, so on and so forth. How I look may not matter for others. It does for me.  

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  1. so many attend to one person. Like VVIP now. Hahaha... Saw in your FB. Looks cool place

  2. Nice to know about a knew type of treatment in hair. Nice write up and love your pose Nava... :)

  3. Oh wow, the event looks really interesting! Love to be there to witness the demo too, dear! xoxo

  4. Love your pose. This treatment is something new!

  5. I am scared of all these hair treatments bt is a boon for those who have lost and wish to regain back


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