Monday, October 17, 2016

Malaysian Vegetarian Spaghetti

Deepavali aka the Festival Of Lights is definitely a valid reason to spring clean my house. Even though Deepavali is not at all a big celebration (more at Mutton Gosht) as how it used to be with plentiful and bountiful of friends streaming in throughout the day (more at Mutton Rendang), spring cleaning is still a must annual tradition to dust the accumulated dirt and cobwebs inside-outside the house and also in our lives. Housecleaning may be presumed as easier compared to cleansing our internal and external well being, but both requires mental strength and energy prior to wholeheartedly ushering Deepavali by offering prayers to our ancestors and gods (more at Split Green Peas Payasam).

This year spring cleaning started way earlier. I realise that spring cleaning is not only about the grimy messes beneath, atop and behind every furniture and fitting. How about the things we have bben hoarding due to sentimental values? Clothes, shoes and bags we don't use anymore, the hundreds of mugs unhappily accepted during Christmas and events, the expired make-ups, the 20 years MBA notes and books, and other long list of things we just refuse to throw or give away. Have you also noticed that the longer we have stay put in a house, the lesser space we have? Why? Well, bottom line - hoarding, hoarding and hoarding!!

So, imagine. Can you imagine how busy I have been for the past few days? Literally in tears for the hours of cleaning, last Saturday, it was back to a vegetarian meal in my house. To stay true to my "don't hoard please"philosophy and to stay true to our Malaysian tastes, the balance spaghetti after making "Malaysian Coriander Poached Egg Spaghetti" was put to good use in this "Malaysian Vegetarian Spaghetti" (Vegetarian Nyonya Laksa)- a wholesome spaghetti dish made with the much loved Malaysian ingredients. By the way, Deepavali falls on a Saturday. Hence, I am wondering if my other half will stay true to his religious beliefs or he is gonna wack Nasi Minyak accompanied with Malaysian Chettinad Mutton Curry, Lemongrass Chili Prawns, Dalcha/Dhal Mutton CurryMasala Tofu and/or Cabbage Chana Dal, However, rest assured, for the next one week thereafter Deepavali, food will be Rasam, Mango Pickle, Carrot Cucumber Salad and Fried Brinjal.
1/2 packet of spaghetti - cook as packet instructions
1 medium size tomato - chopped
1/2 tbsp dried chilli paste/grounded chillies
1/1 inch ginger - slice into thins stripes
4 garlic - slice thinly
3 shallots - slice thinly
1 brown tofu - slice into pieces
1/4 cup frozen green peas -defrost
2 sprigs coriander leaves - slice
1 tbsp butter
A little palm sugar
Grated cheese - as needed
Heat butter.
Fry coriander leaves till crispy.
Remove and keep aside.

Now, for the tofu, either lightly fry in the butter or pan fry separately.
Then, remove and keep aside.

In the same butter, saute ginger, garlic and shallots.
Add chilli paste.
Fry till aromatic.
Add tomato and stir in.

Pour 1/2 cup of water.
Season with palm sugar and salt.
Add green peas, stir and off the heat.
Tip over cooked spaghetti, add the pan fried tofu and sprinkle fried coriander leaves and cheese over.
Optional - some fresh sliced red chillies will be good as well.
More on lifestyle at Navakris.

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  1. Light yet full of flavours...I surely wouldn't miss the meat here at all. Please double cilantro for me :-)) Love the stuff!

  2. Lovely... This will be loved by my men so much....

  3. This looks superb!! Delicious. Yum Yum :)

  4. Priya @asmallbite
    This spaghetti looks inviting,awesome pics...

  5. Spaghetti is loaded with tonnes of falvor .. Simply loved it..

  6. I love this easy veg spaghetti recipe.. easy to make..
    Just like u i hv started cleaning my drawers, cupboards and going to chuck out everything i dnt use,has expired or will never use... i hv believed in minimalism n dont buy stuff anymore as brands already send us many things..

  7. Looks very delicious..loved that you have fried the coriander leaves in butter .. must have added a lovely flavor.

  8. Spring cleaning is a must in my house too.. Some how i get a very happy felling at the end of it:) Loved this Vegetarian spagetti... delicious:)

  9. Love the plating, Nava! Nice shots! xoxo

  10. Super delicious vegetarian spaghatti....!! Love this flavorful spaghetti dish with tofu...!!

  11. I am literally drooling. All my favorite ingredients here. Delicious!

  12. i just knew a few variations of spaghetti prep. This is one addition which i can try.
    Btw Advanced Diwali wishes to you and your family

  13. Oh I cannot agree with u more the longer we stay in the same house the more we accumulate. Here inspite of moving we are turning into hoarders..True its time to clean the inside too. Loving the spag veg version yummm.

  14. Hello Navneetham...thx for the recipe...u make it sound so easy


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