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Kai's Plato - Kota Kemuning

About a month back, I automatically achieved another milestone. Another year to my age, I am officially 52 years. Unbelievable. Years just flew by so quickly. Those years behind me certainly were not the route to popularity or celebrity status, but seemingly an achievement in wisdom and common sense. I ought to be proud. Wisdom and common sense are not common anymore. Apparently not on social media. Gone forever.  Not to say I am the next Confucius but wiser in the sense that I got my priority right. Love I realise is ultimately the key to happiness. Thus, I am appreciating every moment of growing together and forever with my other half.  Against all odds, absolutely.    

Birthdays on the other hand, whether his or mine are still special. Without fail, a big wish, a big hug and a big passionate kiss but I have constantly reminded my other half not to gift roses, diamond or branded bags. What for? Roses last only for a week, diamond has no resale value and branded bags will only attract crime. The only gift I appreciate is cash in my account so that I can travel the world. This year besides cash, my other half was adamant on dinner. Why not? Double-bonus.

Nonetheless, we almost had a rift on where to dine. I knew. To drive a distance in the evening jam definitely will doom my birthday because patience is not a virtue anymore in the city. So, I suggested the close by Kai's Plato you can’t miss once you enter Kota Kemuning and turn left at the first roundabout. Located on the left between the front row shop-lots and before the Indian temple, Kai’s Plato is the first in Malaysia to have the most tiers with more than 11 types of scrumptious fresh seafood in their Kai’s Seafood Platter. Unsure what I am talking about? Never mind, later you will. Seafood obviously is Kai’s strength. No other but quality and fresh local seafood, also from around the world, such as Korea, Canada, New Zealand, Thailand, Indonesia and more.
We arrived at about 7.00pm and parked at the ample parking space across. I walked into Kai’s Plato, however my other half paused at the entrance. Flipping through the menu, he at once decided. He decided on my behalf to order the Sailor’s Platter (for 2 people). What? Sigh! My birthday. I should be ordering. I actually wanted to call for the individual dishes. Did I? Nope. I let him have his way.  

Meanwhile, between the approximately 15 minutes waiting time, I made my presence known on the shell handed by the pleasant staff. In other words, I wrote a few words. This shell presumably will be among the many already on the wall or at the front entrance. Hopefully.

Subsequently, noticing the owner at the section across, I went up and introduce myself. We spoke and he insisted on a complimentary Korean rice beer regardless I couldn’t prove it is my birthday to redeem the birthday rewards. The beer I politely declined since I had already ushered my birthday the previous night with a full bottle of wine all by myself at home. Alcohol quota covered. Anymore will land me in Columbia Medical Centre where most of the doctors know my name. Not bad. Famous for health reasons nava-k. Yeah!!

At this juncture, as I sipped the soothing and refreshing Virgin Mojito (mint fizzy drink) and felt like yesteryear's virgin, Sailor’s Platter arrived. Impressive at the first glance. Any first experience for the matter will utterly kick in enthusiasm, never have we tasted at one go a good number of seafood cooked in different styles and temptingly plated on the first and second silver steaming trays.

But Kai’s concept of eating with your hands or fingers is not new. Indians we are. Fingers for our daily meals, furthermore when tucking into banana leaf meals. Fingers please in Kai’s Plato as well. In case the seafood is still piping hot, use the tongs to pick them up, de-shell if you want to and then chew, bite, nibble or pop in your mouth. Or place the prawns, mussels, bamboo clams, oysters, crab, squids, fish and veggies on the table lined with a clean-hardly-glossy paper and get down on it. Dang!

The dining etiquette in Kai’s Plato is a meal uninterrupted with phones. How about that? You think Malaysians are a discipline lot? As far as I know, “no phone no life” is the trend. Don't believe me? Try taking away the phone from a two year old and see how he, she or “it” will scream and roll on the floor. The older ones of course are more professional. At once selfing to show the world where they are. Whatever it is people, please stop spitting the shells all over the place. You are given a big plastic bucket for emptying. Remember, even Genting Highlands is still trying so hard to stop all the spitting business. Of course, of course, Genting can't stop you from gambling your house, your car and your family.  
Thanks to our mannerism, thank god my other half is not on any social media and I behaved myself while enjoying each of the seafood. I especially loved the spicy chilli dip,I loved the various seafood cooked with the quintessential Asian ingredients especially chilies and I loved the fresh crunchy vegetables. Wholeheartedly embraced, we managed to polished of everything on the first two tiers. But the  broth in the last tier flavoured up with the seafood drippings and spaghetti to be added in were packed back in microwave containers. Unfortunately, when warmed up for the next dinner meal, the broth didn’t smell right and spaghetti has turned mushy-mushy.

Still, I foresee returning to Kai’s Kota Kemuning or maybe  Kai's Kota Dmansara with or without my other half. Yep, on my "ration card". I must try. Must try the Chilli Cockles, Cripsy Calamari and Cajun Fried Shrimp.      

Kai’s Plato Kota Kemuning
No. 31G & 33G, Jalan Anggerik Aranda BG 31/BG,
Kota Kemuning
40460 Shah Alam, Malaysia
Operation Hours:
Mon- Sun 12pm – 3pm and 6pm – 12am

Kai's Plato Kota Damansara
No 12, Jalan PJU 5/1
Kota Damansara
47810 Petaling Jaya
Operation Hours:
Mon- Sun 12pm – 3pm and 6pm – 12am

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  1. Happy Birthday, Nava. That's a lovely restaurant to enjoy a good meal with the family and for the celebration too. You order food for him next time on his he wouldn't mind that too.

  2. How cool are those shells
    Keep in touch

  3. priya @asmallbite
    Happy Birthday Nava.

  4. look so younger... can't believe your age. You are well maintained...! Nice restaurant and write up...!!!

  5. Happy birthday dear. This place like a great place to have fun!

  6. Yum to this! Oh, this looks so delish.

  7. yea are 52!!!!!belated birth day wishes..:) Good write up and pics

  8. I can go on and on with Seafood and this place seems to give many varieties.


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