Monday, September 26, 2016

Portuguese Devil (Debal) Curry

Since its another of my devil, aka debal curry (Chicken Devil Curry, Prawn Devil Curry & Mutton Devil Curry),  let's ask ourselves whether we are potentially the human devils? The two legged humans who sometimes are worst than the real devils. Speak about us intentionally or unintentionally hurting and harming another of our own kind fellow human, all for the sake of power, position, wealth, success and pride of social media. The onus is definitely on you. I have no say on your behavior, attitude or character. I on the other hand am a good devil. I think I am because I am feeding you food via my recipe (Sambal Telur, Malaysian Chettinad Mutton Curry, Malaysian Chilli Sausage, Indian Style Crab Soup & Chicken Chilli). Wish I can feed you my cooking in real-time instead of you awing and then, maybe getting angry for you can't get to taste my food. In all fairness foodies, my recipes are always available if you want to taste my dishes. Of course, you have to cook for yourself, let alone for your loved ones.

This Portuguese Devil/Debal Curry I reckon should be lumped together as a pride of from Malacca (Nasi Lemak, Chilli Petai, Chicken Vindaloo, Ayam Pongteh, Nasi Kerabu & Buah Keluak Chicken Curry). In fact, Malacca is also where the great cooks roll out Nyonya dishes as well (Nyonya Laksa, Nyonya Asam LaksaNyonya Fish Achar & Keluak Fish Nyonya Curry). Nonetheless, sometimes I have a hard time differentiating which is which. Which is Nyonya food, which is Eurasian food or which is Portuguese food. Personally, if you are asking me, I think all of these cuisines are pretty much cooked alongside, more or less the same ingredients. This my Portuguese Devil/Debal Curry is the other version. Not the same as the previous ones, this kick-ass mouthwatering packing spiciness aunthetic Malacca calling Portuguese Devil (Debal) Curry I sincerely believe is a must try. 

1 medium size chicken – cut into bite sizes
4 potatoes – cut into medium size pieces
1 tbsp ginger paste
1 tbsp ginger paste
2 medium size red onion - slice
½ tbsp turmeric/kunyit powder
1 tbsp coriander powder
½ tbsp black mustard seeds – crushed
1 tsp black pepper - crushed
1 ½ tbsp sweet soy sauce or normal soy sauce
1 ½ tbsp white vinegar
2 turmeric leaves – slice thinly
3 tbsp dried chilli paste (blended dried chillies)
4 fresh red chilllies – slit in the center but kept intact 
2 tomatoes – cut into medium size pieces
2 lemongrass/serai – smashed
Salt to taste
¼ cup oil
Note - adjust the amount of chillies, vinegar, soy sauce and black pepper as per taste. 

Heat oil.
Fry ginger paste, garlic paste, onion and chilli paste till aromatic and oil splits.

Add red chillies, tomatoes and lemongrass.
Stir in for a minute or two.
Add chicken and potatoes.
Stir in.
Now, add turmeric powder, coriander powder, crushed mustard seeds, soy sauce, vinegar and salt.
Stir and pour some water to cook chicken and potatoes.
More water if you prefer more gravy.

Once cooked, off the heat and combine in sliced turmeric leaves. 

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  1. Ooh. This looks good. I should try this.

  2. Bet it's delicious and packed with flavour!

  3. Your recipes are so innovative and delicious. Love this one. Looks great!

  4. That was too much to digest! I always wonder why people do all this, but then... we have to keep ourselves grounded and keep a sheild from such filth... This is a delicious looking curry... very interesting procedure too...

  5. I started using turmeric leaves only after seeing a show where a Malaysian chef cooked rendang. The zing from the leaves...that's amazing.Otherwise they are used like banana leaves in wrapping fish for steaming/roasting.
    Much food for thought in your post. Even though I haven't experienced any of it, I don't like to be told about what to write and how to write. Btw, your curry looks very delicious!

  6. Definitely interesting, Nava. The only food I know about Portuguese is their Egg Tarts. xoxo

  7. Your write up is very nice Nava...!!! Your write up clips me here. Their attitude is really disgusting... ! The mutton curry looks so delicious dear....!

  8. Looks gorgeous and tempting me. The way you put them makes me feel hungry. Lovel dish.


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