Friday, September 23, 2016

Hua Xing Restaurant - Plaza Seri Setia, Sungei Way

Approximately within the next month or so after dining in Bamboo Park Restaurant, we met up again for another food venture. Yea, the same food buddies. Has to be because I have put a big pull-stop to friends who pretend to be food enthusiasts but have hundred and one lame conditions on where and what they can eat (more at Bone & Pot Taipan). Anyway, bygone those horrendous fussy friends, this time when I popped by at this friend's house, positively recommended and highly spoken about was the Hokkien cuisine in Hua Xing Restaurant. At once I said yes. Why not? What's there to dispute? After all, compared to the typical Indian dishes (Ennai Kathrikai/Brinjal Curry Aloo Matar) I cook for my other half (Fish Sodhi) and literally force myself to eat as well (Pineapple Rasam & Fish Puttu), I adore any kind of Chinese food (Jiu Hu Char & Fried Lotus Roots). Honest to goodness I do (Kiat Seng Puchong & Soup Restaurant Bandar Utama)

Now, time to drive from Kampung Tunku via the narrow back roads to Sungei Way. Knowing well there's no point aimlessly driving around for a parking spot even on a Saturday, we parked at the pin-drop silent basement. Rather scary actually to walk from there while holding on tight to our handbags. Also, instead of walking along the main road where motorbikes were vrooming up and down, we felt saver walking on the pavement so close to the shop-lots. Pretending not to notice the quite trashy and run-down surroundings, we then took the lift up to the first floor. Before 12pm, we were already seated in the unassuming and no-frill Hua Xing Restaurant. Indeed, obviously just a basic ambiance, similar to other coffee shop dining area (Chow Kiat Klang) with plastic tables and chairs and of course, a god alter is must in Chinese eateries.

While my friend took charge of ordering between the ample choices of the really-really tempting dishes (Leong Ya Kitchen Subang Jaya & Lau Hai Jing Kampung Jawa), I couldn't help noticing the laminated new papers cuttings and Hua Xing's signature dishes prominently showcased on the walls. Hua Xing Restaurant I gathered is certainly a popular hidden gem I never knew existed. What a discovery. Truly impressive!

Service was super-duper fast. Should be. We were the only customers. The dishes arrived within minutes and we started off with the Ulu Yam Loh Mee. Ulu Yam? Because it is a town famous for its loh mee. Made sense. It also made a whole lot more sense once we dug into the bowl of yellow noodles generously soaked in a thick, gooey, dark brown sauce with pork, seafood and green leafy veggie. Absolutely fabulous! Additionally, when eaten with the chopped garlic and birds eye chillies drenched in soy sauce, nava-k almost flew to heaven. Imparting an explosion of flavours - spiciness coupled with that bit of sourness and saltiness from the black vinegar and soy sauce, hail to loh mee..

By right we should have slurped up the whole portion, but with three more dishes waiting in line, sadly the balance was kept aside. Next we crunched and munched the brinjal batons. Lightly dusted with flour, deep fried and tossed generously in spring onion and crispy tiny bits of garlic, this simple and clean dish was another sensation. Oh-yes please! I loved it to the moon and back.
Polishing off every bit of it, subsequently we tucked into the Marmite Pork and Salted Egg Yolk Chicken. Juicy, chunky and moist pork pieces coated over a thick dark sauce, Marmite Pork was a triple yum factor even though I couldn't really get the taste of Marmite. Then again, I can't precisely nail its taste because I've never been fan of Marmite. Therefore, better be save instead of commenting on something I myself am uncertain about. No need. Nonetheless, I can definitely vouch Marmite Pork was really worth ordering.
Equally gratifying was the Salted Egg Chicken - bite-size chicken pieces dipped in batter and fried, cooked with salted egg and curry leaves. Undeniably, my kind of food. I crazily love salted eggs (Salted Egg Yolk Fish) and this dish proved it all.
Settling the bill for RM68.00 (inclusive of a pot of hot Jasmine tea), we walked out of Hua Xing Restaurant feeling extremely satisfied. Wow to the food and wow to utmost pleasant customer service.
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  1. They have a delicious selection to choose from.

  2. The food looks great...No doubt you enjoyed it

  3. all I can say to all the food presented here! *Drooling*.

  4. How lucky you are.. really feeling jealous­čśé..
    Dishes looks great

  5. Wow.....! I can't resist myself from that noodles with soup...!! Jasmine tea is new to me.

  6. WOW! Everything looks super delicious!

  7. This place wud be worth visiting..the dishes r something I would love to eat they looked tempting.. Finding a good place to eat in the sea of restaurants n options we have is a big achievement in my opinion

  8. I still find it very interesting seeing you in a Chinese restaurant even though I know you like Asian food. Maybe because I haven't seen my Indian friends dining in a Chinese eatery before. Gotta salute you, my dear! xoxo

  9. that noodles pics tempting me very much..yummy


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