Saturday, September 3, 2016

Coliseum Cafe - Sunway Pyramid

No plans whatsoever, just on an ad-hoc basis I dined at Coliseum Cafe. However, admittedly, I had a reason why I was back to Sunway Pyramid - the closest mall from where I stay and the mall I frequent every few months once for shopping (L'Óccitane UV Shield) and then,  generally,  a meal is also on the card at any of the eateries (Hello Kitty Gourmet Cafe). On this particular Saturday, it was not about food or shopping, but to watch the sensationally spoken about horror movie "Conjuring 2". Despite coaxing my other half to accompany me, he wouldn't budge from giving up watching his Manchester United game. Asking my girlfriends was another sheer waste of time because they had a whole list of questions I couldn't and I got tired of answering, Eventually, I decided. Movie on my own for the first time ever. Done.  

This man of mine, for reasons only he knew best, later insisted on following me to the cineplex. By stroke of luck, thank god, I bought the one and only remaining ticket. Great. Happiness. Now, instead of leaving me alone, he suggested I should meal at Coliseum Cafe. In fact, he walked me to the entrance of the cafe at about 8.20 pm and left. I walked into the practically empty cafe, except for the group of Indian family who wouldn't stop staring and maybe another two tables occupied. I sat, the menu came at once and I ordered the Sizzling Lam Chops and the Fruity Drink I can't recall the name between the ample variety of Western and Asian main dishes, sides, desserts and drinks. Soon, very soon the chilled concoction of a few types of fruits arrived. I sipped in and certainly the vibrant drink with a piece of lychee at the bottom of the tall glass did wonders to quench my thirst. But I won't rank it spectacular or special. Pretty much a drink you can order in other cafes and restaurants, this one I think pulsed/blended with sugar was a bit over sweet for my taste.   
Meanwhile as I patiently waited for almost 10 minutes, I compared this outlet to their first Coliseum Cafe at Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman I have been to and I still do if  at all I am in the busy city. Albeit the same concept, the same menu, the same decor and furnished with dark wooden tables and chairs, nope, not nostalgic as if you have walked down the memory lane into the original and colonial Coliseum Cafe. 
Patiently waiting, also, worried if I will be late for 9.00pm  movie, finally the main course was served - chunky lamb chops sizzling in a piece of butter and the poured over black pepper sauce, accompanied with the sides - coleslaw, fried potatoes and steamed/boiled veggies in a thick creamy white sauce. 

As hungrily I tucked into this hearty meal which presumably can be shared between two person, I struggled with cutting and chewing the chops even after trimming off the fats. Tough meat. After a couple of mouthfuls, I gave up as the pieces also got stuck in between my teeth. No doubt the buttery black peppery sauce was flavorful, the simply elevated side dishes filled me quickly, but I didn't have much time to daintily savior the chops. Such a waste, I then settled the bill for this rather pricey dinner (around RM70.00) and hurriedly left to the cineplex.   

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  1. This meal looks so delicious I want a plate now.

  2. It's something to fill the tummy, hope the movie was more satisfying!

  3. Your posts are always making me hungry. :)

  4. I have heard about this place but so far have not been there. There is one in Midvalley too if am not mistaken

  5. Something that sticks in between my teeth is a no no it still looked tempting though .. i like the meat to be tender.. men and their manchester united matches... haha.. my brother is a big fan

  6. Omg feel like digging into the clicks and feast myself


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