Saturday, September 10, 2016

Bamboo Park Restaurant - Sunway PJ51A Business Park

Within the same vicinity of Sri Suria Curry House and Krishna Curry House, Bamboo Park Restaurant is located across the main road and on the ground floor of the business park. Actually, you know what? I didn't know this area is known as Sunway PJ51A. Perhaps because Sungei Way, unlike how it used to be those days, has and is still rapidly being developed. Whatsoever, as you please or as you like to call it. I came over for no other reason except to dine at Bamboo Park Restaurant with the couple from the smallest group of friends I have previously mentioned at "Chilli Sausage".

Parking is definitely limited in front of this restaurant. So, we parked along the inner road after turning right from the main road and walked in at about 6.15pm after admiring the huge bamboo plants which adds a beautiful welcoming touch to the entrance.
The interior further adorned with bamboo poles along with cute soft toy panda bears, lanterns and Feng Shui water fountain I must say won my heart, whereas the dim lights and tables lined with a variety of different colored table cloths created a sense of sparkle and coziness in the clean ambiance. Absolutely an admirable ambiance I couldn't stop praising over and over.

Ordering between the ample choices of dishes was quite brief. My friends have dined in this restaurant before, so they knew which dishes should be worth calling for. Apart from the tofu stuffed pork, braised tofu and a combo of 3 types of veggies stir fried, we also included the siew yoke/char siew unlisted on the menu as the staff confidently insisted they can still cook the dish. Sounded okay. We didn't mind giving it a go. Then we sat back, sipped into the barley and Chinese teas and soon, really soon the dishes arrived one after the other.

Tucking in after scooping a bit of each dish on our rice, we were quite pleased with the steamed tofu stuffed with fresh minced pork and in tad bit of sauce, made with the quintessential Chinese sauces and garnished generously with spring onion.
Nothing overpowering. Just so subtle. Next was the tofu drenched in a dark thick sauce and cooked with thinly sliced lotus root, peanuts and bok choy, garnished with coriander leaves, invitingly served on a small wok over a flame to keep it warm. Pass. Mild in taste. This dish couldn't be faulted.
So far I won't say so good. Instead, a pretty decent meal or better said as double okay. We then tackled the crunchy petai, long beans and brinjals, stir fried with belacan and chillies. A pleasurable dish, in fact, seemingly a favourite and praised by my friends, For me, it begged for another doze of spiciness to bold up the flavours. However, obviously, such a dish is always appetizing. Basically goes well with rice. Naturally we polished off the whole portion and didn't take another look at the balance of the earlier two dishes. .
On the contrary, the siew yoke/char siew dish teamed with a chilli dip? Utterly disappointing. Honestly, as though an instant" version - already cooked pork hurriedly marinated and fried instead of precisely elevating and resting it prior to serving. We tried one or two pieces and that's it.  
All in all, after this dining experience at the courtesy of my friends, I have concluded. The ambiance ultimately is the winner, service was efficient since we were the only customers at that time, whereas the food, oh-well, feasibly tasty. Not the best. Not even close to the ones I have tasted in other Chinese restaurants. Yet, I am keeping my options open. Maybe I should return again to Bamboo Park to try their other dishes. Fingers crossed.  

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  1. Pork hv to be marinated well before cooking. Most will not taste good if done in a rush.

    I like the ambiance too.

    By the way..there is one fried bitter gourd hokkien mee restaurant nearby there. Nice though a bit pricey. Love their sambal belacan that goes with the noodle.

  2. I love the way they decorated with Panda and bamboo...

  3. Omg I need to go and visit you this looks amazing to eat.

  4. such a nice restaurant
    keep in touch

  5. I felt that great ambiance...! The food pics looks so inviting and you wrote a great review..!

  6. The restaurant's interior is so serene, dear! I can see where the name is coming from. Have a wonderful week, Nava! xoxo

  7. The ambience is certainly the winner and the food looks tempting too.. worth visiting this place!

  8. Restaurant and the food looks so good!

  9. Place looks so good that i love to visit atleast once. So well decorated to create an elegant ambience. Eyes stuck on those food pics. Should be as per my taste buds. Drooling


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