Thursday, August 4, 2016

The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Butter

Tough call. Really it is to ensure my skin is always hydrated and smooth. No matter how much of fruits and vegetables I include in my daily meals and drinking water throughout the day, my skin can never bounce back to how it was back then let’s say ten years ago. In my early fifties once my biological clock stopped ticking seven years ago, I have lost it. I have lost the “rhythm and blues” of my body system, I mean keeping my skin supple is not an easy feat as how it used to be. Still, for the longest time from those years till now, I have been faithfully applying body cream/lotion every day after showering (Botaneco Be Forest Body WashBody Shop Olive Oil Shower Gel & Himalaya Honey Body Wash). So, what else is new except at least every three months once replenishing body moisturisers from different brands though generally, I buy the affordable within 20 dollars products.  

For the first time, I didn’t mind spending around RM75.00 for this highly praised, natural, cruelty free and suitable for all skin types Body Shop Body Butter. Having said that, as I walked into the Body Shop outlet (Body Shop Lip & Cheek Stain & Body Shop White Shiso Cleaning Oil), I couldn’t immediately decide which to opt for between the different varieties. Eventually, I picked up this Argan Oil Body Butter to be massaged all over my body for a rich 24 hour hydration to leave my skin feeling soft and smooth.
Body Shop “Wild Argan Oil Body Butter” contains Community Fair Trade organic argan oil. Carefully pressed from the best argan nuts and hand-cracked by Berber women in south west Morocco, the kernals are pressed and filtered slowly over 48 hours to extract the purest oil possible, to infuse this body butter with the most sublime radiance for the skin.
Packaged in a round sturdy gold plastic tube with the ingredients clearly listed and with a twist open cover, this body butter smells like a sweet fragrance nut oil. Certainly invigorating to the body, mind and soul when whiffed, upon application, the lingering scent does not last very long, yet fades away nicely.
To use, scoop the butter with your fingers since no spatula is provided and then you need to rub it into your skin for a few minutes because it is quite greasy and does not sink in immediately. Nevertheless, its thick formula does not irritate neither cause any allergies, and it is a fab one to keep my skin hydrated and supple the whole day or until I shower.
Considering my skin is rather dry, I tend to apply a lot more, so, it is finishing off faster than expected after using for only two months. Moreover, this body butter is rather pricey for my budget and compared to other easily available homemade organic body cream I am yet to try. Therefore, I doubt if I will purchase it again.

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  1. I like their body wash they have so many great products. This one sounds promising.

  2. Wild Argan Oil sounds luxurious, dear! Definitely love to slab some on my body too. Have a good week, dear! xoxo

  3. I am yet to try this body butter, I do agree Body shop products are always expensive.

  4. you are already so beautiful and energetic at this age ...very well maintained...:) Coming to the product though it works good price could be a factor to pick this product again

  5. Nava... You are such a lovely bubbling soul. Would love to meet you in person. I have tried Argan oil series and ve totally loved it. This time they ve launched new ones like Wild Fig, Pinacolada and British Rose. Pls try those too.

  6. I am always tempted to try something from TBS bt the price ohh my does not fit my pocket.. considering the price it shud have been a 5/5


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