Thursday, August 25, 2016

L'Occitane Reine Blanche Illuminating UV Shield SPF50

Block the sun. Literally block it away from your skin. Of course, no doubt, I agree sun is our natural source of energy, light and heat, a touch of morning sunshine is good for our overall well-being and a bronzed complexion under limited sun exposure seemingly is more attractive. Nevertheless, I still fear the sun. Honestly I do (Heliocare Advanced SPF50). The slightest sunlight or even indoor infrared/visible light (Laura Mercier Moisturiser SPF20) is disastrous on my precious face (Medlite Laser Treatment and Microdermabrasion Therapy). Therefore, no matter what, come rain or shine, defending my skin against UVA & UVB rays (Olay Regenerist Moisturiser SPF30) ultimately is a must.

Having said that, I completely forgot to replenish another sunblock when the last one was to the last drop. I don't know why I waited till the last minute to press the panic button. at the mall, aimlessly I walked in and out of every beauty store I came across. Still, I couldn't decide which to buy. Finally, worried if I will be caught in the massive evening jam, within the next few minutes  I settled for this beyond my budget 30ml UV Shield (RM193.00) simultaneously with L'occitane Eye Care & Mask Duo

Product Description
The Illuminating UV Shield is a multiple action care that helps preserve luminous and even-toned skin. With continuous daily use, it helps to:
1. Provide effective protection against UV rays (SPF50)
2. Protect skin against external aggressions
3. Prevent uneven skin tone, caused by sun exposure
4. Improve translucency of the skin
5. Visibly revive the clarity of the skin

Reine des PrĂ©s is a pure white flower known for its lightening properties: the flower is illuminating its petals over time. It naturally contains salicylic acid - renowned for boosting luminosity and helping epidermal renewal. Inspired by its immaculate beauty and unparalleled luminosity, L’OCCITANE has created the Reine Blanche Illuminating Program for a fair and translucent skin. With its moisturizing formula, the Illuminating UV shield instantly offers comfort and a sensation of incredible smoothness, leaving skin feeling optimally protected, plumped and hydrated. Day after day, the skin recovers its natural translucency and inner light, glowing with fresh radiance.
Packaged in a hardy white glass bottle with a pump, I would have appreciated a cover to cap the pump for hygiene purpose and to prevent spillage in case it is accidentally pressed against the things you have packed in your travelling bag or luggage. Whatever, this creamy milky lotion is rather thick in texture and contains little bits of shimmer. For such a sunblock and any other with high SPF, not advisable to apply it over your bare cleansed face. If you still do, you will struggle with gliding it smoothly and evenly over your skin. So, you need to prep your face with a moisturizer and then apply this shield. Once you have done that, this shield will sit well whereas the white cast will disappear as soon as it set into your skin. Moreover, its floral scent didn’t bother me, I quite like its light glow, most importantly, even after sweating profusely in the sun, this UV Shield didn’t break up my combination sensitive skin. Thank goodness.
But, its lightening properties didn’t help my skin look brighter neither fairer. Nothing of that sort despite these benefits clearly stated on the packaging, and for such a pricey product (MAC Lightful SPF30), I am disappointed. Still, this shield did minimize skin aging and defended my skin from the sun after using it for a month or so now.     
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  1. I like using products with SPF Jill Scalisi its my favorite protect and moisturize without a greasy feel.

  2. Honest review...! great write up...! I visit your blog before buying any new cosmetic item....! Really helpful...!

  3. I hate when brands write benefits and make claims which r not 100% true.. the SPF30 sounds ok bt then I wud prefer some other brand.. well reviewed

  4. Impressive. I don t miss any write up from you.

  5. Honest review...!great write up...!!!

  6. That's seems like a nice sunblock.. lovely write-up and such a detailed post..

  7. Expensive product, I wish it had fulfilled the claims.


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