Sunday, August 28, 2016

Bread Tuna Pizza

If you start believing everything you see and read on social media, you will be doomed. Seriously, it can be depressing if you do because almost everyone seemingly is an achiever, life is about fabulosity and let me not even speak about being surrounded by such fantastic family and friends. Well and good, I am not envious, I am not jealous and sincerely I am happy for them. But the underpinning, underlying and unspoken truth I know will reveal otherwise. Social media I realise has become a fake disillusioned world.. No doubt there are some genuine friends, but the rest, I can’t comprehend and I don’t want to either. Anyway, not for me to judge others, relatives on social media is even worst. In fact, these so called family of mine and their close associates I know have been silently stooping on me.   

I am not surprise. I know behind my back tongues wag especially about my travel ventures (Travelling Solo When You Are Married). I guess these people fail to understand my practical life behind the scene and how hard we work to save to travel (South Africa). Therefore, instead of getting upset, I have removed them and a whole lot of friends from social media because the last thing I want is pretentious people who come up with all sorts of theory about my life. Still, people can quietly find out what I have been up to from my blog, moreover, as a traveller (Sri Lanka), I can't possibly avoid writing on my travelling experiences. That I suppose is the price I pay as a blogger, today let me share one of the practical ways how we save for travelling without starving our hunger. 

The practically as always begins in my kitchen with my policy of "waste not what not", made with leftover bread slices (Asian Egg Mayonnaise Sandwich), daun kaduk/betel leaves from my garden (Nasi Kerabu), a can of tuna in oil (Grilled Tuna Burger) and other pantry friendly ingredients (Sardine Varuval/Dry Style), this bread tuna pizza is cost effective and takes only around half an hour. Unlike the conventional pizza which begins with kneading the dough and spending more on the topping ingredients, this bread tuna pizza is utmost satisfying.   

4 to 6 bread slices
I small can tuna in oil
Some daun kaduk/betel leaves (or any other suitable veggies/herbs) - slice thinly
1 large red onion - slice thinly
1 red chilli - slice thinly (for kid friendly version, omit)
Grated cheese - as needed
Salt and pepper - as needed
Add all ingredients in a bowl (including the oil from tuna)
Toss and mix together.
Spread tuna mixture on each bread slice.
Bake at 180c for approximately 15 minutes or so.
(Note - you can grill over the portable grill).
Remove from oven and immediately sprinkle cheese over.
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  1. Looking very tasty pizza. Will try

  2. I totally agree with u abt social media n ppl posting abt things which look so fake.. i wonder if my life is miserable or they r lying which seems the case as nobody wants to show the not so good part of their life.. I dont add relatives to my facebook account lately as i dont want ppl to know what i am upto nor I am interested in their life...
    Bread pizza anyday everyday.. I seeing the recipe for the first time.. Easy and simple to make will try.. Thx fr sharing

  3. media can be quite annoying these days.
    Great use of leftover sandwich, Nava, and they look really delicious and comforting.

  4. You r so too kind of fed up...yet world is beautiful n life is good... Loved this tuna laced bread recipe... tinned tuna is used at my home too for sandwich filling...u can use tuna in water instead of oil

  5. Well said. I perfectly agree with you Nava. There are so many people who are pretentious. I ll try your version with Mushrooms. I don t own an oven.. Any ideas as to how I can achieve on stove top? I mean the baked effect? Do share tips.

  6. the bread pizza's look so yum, i will just minus the tuna
    keep in touch

  7. You have only one life so enjoy it the best you can. Traveling solo or with your mate and food its the one thing we all could enjoy to rake us back in time or a place we never been. This looks amazingly delicious.

  8. Wow.....! delicious bread pizza... I'm bookmarking...!!! Best kids lunch box idea...!

  9. Looks super delicious...feel like grabbing it right away

  10. The combination sounds so lovely! But I'm most fascinated by the addition of betel leaves. Good thing you removed certain people from your list. Keep on doing what you enjoy.:)

  11. Gosh, I'm drooling! Love those colours too, Nava! xoxo

  12. I can totally relate to the social media thing and I have realized that the more we live our lives on our terms, people and mostly relatives have problem with our life. Nonetheless, the best response we can give is live how we want and let them gossip their heart out.. I have gone through some torture regarding the way I dress and post pics on social media and I haven't cared less about anything else. I love how we foodies always find peace and consolation in kitchen.
    BTW,the sandwiches look mouthwatering Nava.


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