Friday, June 3, 2016

You Had Me at Merlot! - Best Wine Bottle Upcycling Projects

In my house, we love wine. One of my roommates is a Sommelier which means we get spoiled with not only an infinite amount of knowledge about the wine we are drinking, but an endless supplies of wine bottles for DIY projects. I started off with painting them for Halloween and making them into cute flower vases, but the bottles kept coming home and I was starting to run out of places to put flowers in my home. So a year into living with wine bottles everywhere, I’ve had to get increasingly more creative with their uses. I’ve gathered my favorite projects I’ve done or seen so that even if you don’t have hundreds of bottles lying around like we do, you can put the ones you have to good use!

Wine Bottle Candles
You can make candles several different ways with wine bottles but this is one of the easier ways! Once you learn the easy process of glass cutter, you can use the base of the bottle and create your own candle with wax and a wick or you can use the top to hold a candle! Either way it’s going to be beautiful!
Tiki Torches
Light up your summer nights and watch the fireflies with your friends and family with these torches burning. Mix up the style with different marbles and whatever you chose to decorate them with and make them perfect for you.
Bottle Lamp
This lamp you can make with any bottle you have around, wine or otherwise! You can hit the thrift store and find an interesting one or recycle one you have to make the perfect lamp for your space.

Succulent Bottle Planter
I am all about being on the succulent bandwagon! It’s been such a growing trend, but I’m all about having a plant that is low maintenance that even me, a city girl, with no garden experience can keep alive. I have one of these sitting on my coffee table and I absolutely love it.
Glass Bottle Chandelier
Looking for the perfect lighting for your home bar or dining room? Think about making this beautiful chandelier. Relatively easy to do and sets the the mood for a great night!
Glass Bottle Centerpieces
These are a quick project and create for those of you who are just starting to do DIY projects. All you need is a little bit of paint and a clear bottle and you have the perfect centerpiece in just the right color!
Glass Bottle Bird Feeder
Looking for a project that will bring birds to your yard this summer? Check out this adorable bird feeder! You can customize it for the design of your yard or porch and it’s a perfect way to upcycle that bottle!
Glass Bottle Turned Plate
This DIY is for you advanced level’s out there! This plate made out of a wine glass is the absolutely perfect addition to your parties to go alongside your wine. You can gorgeously display your meats and cheese or whatever you chose on it and it will not only be useful, but a conversation piece for you and your guests!
So whether you are an expert level DIYer or fresh to the craft, there is a project out there for you to take on to make good use of those glass bottles you might have lying around. Recycling is great, but upcycling gives you a chance to not only protect the environment but make something beautiful for yourself and your home!

(Article written by Tabbie Stark, also a writer for, a company that connects homeowners to reliable, affordable and professional contractors for their home improvement projects. Check more on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter).

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  1. All of those look cute. Excellent diys to make and decorate .. gteat share

  2. How fun and creative! I love esp. the glass plate..

  3. WOW! Everything looks so so beautiful!

  4. How cool is this ! I loved the cute

  5. Hi Nava, great ideas to use wine or liqueur bottles for decoration or as flower vase. I'm also collecting nice glass bottle as flower vases or for decoration.

    Have a nice day, regards.


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