Thursday, June 23, 2016

Rosken - Skin Repair Feet & Heel Balm

Hello all you great people,
For the next 15 minutes at least, let’s forget about beautifying our face (Medlite Laser Treatment) and for once, pay attention to our feet. Hopefully, I can also keep it short and sweet instead of diverting to other topics like I always do, come, let's get going. But, before I pin my thoughts on Rosken Skin Repair & Heel Balm, if you really don't mind, please take a good look at your feet and then honestly ask yourself how do you feel? Are you feeling proud or you are disappointed you don’t know what to say? Aha, that’s right. I believe some of you have been diligently caring for your feet, whereas the rest of us have conveniently ignored the wear and tear of our soles as well our feet - says it all as the foundation of our mobility. 

Okay, between me and you, there is nothing to be shy about if you have been neglecting the dry-hard skin and cracks on your feet. I can absolutely understand. I have been in the same boat. For the longest time, I had ignored my feet. In fact, just two years ago, I realize that I probably have to seek expensive treatment if I don’t start applying a cream to overcome rash, itchiness and infection on my cracked pain should at all they occur. Therefore, to care for my feet,  I started with Ellgy Plus Cracked Heel Cream & DU'IT Foot And Heel Balm Plus and, later, I opted for Rosken Skin Repair Feet & Heel Balm (RM22.88) which comes in an opaque white plastic tube with a twistable cap.
An attractive, strong and user friendly packaging, but once you start using the cream, you wouldn’t know much of it is left inside the tube. Still, you can roughly estimate because the decreasing weight of the tube is an indication on how many times more you can apply the cream. Listed on the tube are the ingredients and instructions which you can also read on the cardboard box before you decide to buy.    

This medium consistency cream is white and smells like peppermint. Its light non-overwhelming scent is pleasing to my senses, once it is applied and massaged on my feet, it absorbs quickly. However, you have to wait for at least another 10 minutes to ensure total absorption and also to avoid sticky marks on the floor. Upon application, this cream does not irritate the skin, but feels cool and comfortable.
I have been using this cream for the last three months, though admittedly not every day because I tend to forget. Blame it on my age or whatever, it only took 2 nights of use before I felt my smooth feet. The improvement is remarkably better, let’s say within the next 4 to 5 days, it is a good product that deliver what it promises. I usually apply this cream immediately after showering, wear a slipper for the next half an hour should I have walk around and by the time I tuck into bed, the cream is fully absorbed into my feet. I will certainly rank Rosken Skin Repair & Heel Balm higher compared to Ellgy, but somehow preference is still for the less oily/greasy DU'IT gel based cream.  

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  1. This is a great product and rightly said the feet need as much pampering as our faces

  2. Honest review....touching every pros and cons.... :)

  3. I hve been using rosken for many years. I like the cream better than lotion. Suits me better. Used to have lemony scent but now don't have anymore

  4. I so need this right now.. with all the construction going on near my house and this chilly weather is killing my foot! Off to Amazon right now!😉 Thanks for the review Nava :)

  5. Nava. I have been neglecting my feet for a while now and this post has inspired me. I ll run a check to see if I can get hands on this. Sigh! its really difficult to squeeze in time for a pedicure with a little one running around me.

  6. I need this product too! Gonna check it out! xoxo

  7. Looks like a good product, glad it delivers it's claim.

  8. Hi Nava, Rosken is a reliable brand and so far their cream work very well. I had been using it too. Crack heels happen to many of us due to the toilet detergents, soap powder, floor cleaner, etc.... but its true many of us neglected our crack heels. :((

    Best regards,


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