Sunday, June 5, 2016

GRAB IT - Soft Serve & More (Utropolis Market Place, Shah Alam)

Impressive – it is. An unassuming simple industrial ambiance for grabbing a meal on the go, “Grab It” is the latest new kid on the block at this rapidly booming mall. Located on the right hand side across the main entrance, Grab It offers quite a selection of food and drinks for you to take-away or the pleasure is yours by dining-in. Rather a realistic concept to reasonably priced and filling meals, at the self-service counter, I glimpsed at the menu and between the bento series, mantou buns, coffee varieties, soft serve ice-cream and drinks, I settled for the smoked duck and salted egg sauce fried mantou, and caramel latte along with the coconut soft serve.

Just as I sat and admired how creatively this fast-food like eatery has been put together, mind you, nothing over the top, but a soothing-nice comfort zone, while more customers walked-in, I tucked into the fried mantou – a reinvention and given a new lease of life to the traditional cloud-like Chinese bun, tucked with moist smoked duck and fresh salad leaves, generously topped with a fragrant-aromatic salted egg sauce.
After the first few mouth full, I felt that the crispy on the outside and soft on the inside bun was slightly hard. Perhaps since I am recovering from the gum graft surgery, I was particularly careful with biting in, by right, I should have opted for the steamed soft bun. Still, I sincerely must rave about the clever idea, including the aromatic-fragrant sauce which best captured the essence of what made this bun a winner.
Without a doubt, a hearty meal as well, I then took a sip of the caramel latte - a form of rapture for coffee-lovers, sweet yet not on the extreme and one of the best among the rest. Honestly, take it from me - a tempting rendition of frosty cream, a hint of caramel and freshly brewed coffee, I vouch you should try! 
In the dessert department, one cannot go wrong with the home made, creamy and fluffy coconut soft serve ice-cream. A melting moment as a smooth operator in the mouth, its flavor said it all, yet, there is room for improvement on how to make it even more indulgent than it already is.  
Having said that, I can’t wait to be back at “Grab It” to try any of the bento set, the steamed bun with a different filling and sauce, and the coffee, yes please!
Thank you Grab It.

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  1. The place looks nice and clean. Gives a feel of sitting inside a corporate s executive canteen

  2. Steamed bun looking gud Naveneetham...never tried this

  3. The sauce got my attention, Nava! Looks real yummy! xoxo

  4. The coffee and the soft serve looks like a killer!

  5. Grab it is such a common concept in the USA.. In India we r still behind..
    I like the concept as it saves time and u can eat on the go

  6. Delicious eat out... and i guess you enjoyed all those gracious looking meals

  7. I'm so impressed at all these cute little cafes that are popping up all over Malaysia. There are literally hundreds of it. Mind boggling :)


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