Thursday, April 28, 2016

Vineria.It Cucina & Bar (Bukit Bandaraya, Kuala Lumpur)

Hoping to beat the evening traffic rush from one end of the city to arrive on time for this Zomato Foodie Meetup, unexpectedly I kept everyone waiting for at least fifteen minutes. Not a nice feeling as I have always been a punctual person, somehow there I was at the entrance of Bangsar Shopping Complex, a familiar ground where I used to party at Iguana like there's no tomorrow. Duh! Those were the years when Nava K was the energetic sweet young thing. Anyway, pondering over the “yay-nay” memories, I was unsure which direction I should go, and by now, my make-up ruined and my hair soaking wet because of the hot-humid weather. Moreover, as I have been wrestling the little demons which are still pulling my deep down happiness apart, I was sort of agitated as well.

Thankfully, Eddy came over to usher me and upon setting foot at Vineria.It, I almost instantly bounced back to the happiness zone. A romantic, cozy, classy and adorned with art deco portraits fine dining Italian restaurant, I couldn’t help but walk right up to the balcony dining area and secretly wished I should be seated here. Nevertheless, not at all a regret as I walked back and sat at the equally elegant inside dining area, across the cabinet stocked up with wide selections of wine.

As I quenched my thirst with sky juice whereas other foodies sipped into the Bellini/sparkling wine cocktail, before we tucked into the dishes, the  'bubbly and enthusiastic' Chef Diego spoke about each of the dishes and the wine that will paired with them. Thanks Chef for the lovely touch.
Thereafter, the four-course meal started with the “Burrata in Tomato Cage with Pesto Dressing” - a soft bouncy white ball of Italian cheese made from mozzarella and cream, served with a sweet, acidic and juicy tomato, fresh salmon and pesto dressing. Honestly, an amazing starter - fragile and delicate soft textured Burrata, the sun-dried tomato I think came from heaven and the nutty basil pesto was simply remarkable. Incredible dish, which matched the San Gimignano wine.
Up next was ravioli with asparagus and fresh black truffles - ravioli stuffed with ricotta and spinach, then sautéed with butter mixed with asparagus and black truffle. Admittedly, despite sprinkling some chili flakes and cheese, this dish was not for me. In fact, pasta, fettucine, spaghetti and ravioli, except those Asian-inspired ones, does not excite my palate.   

On the other hand, an absolute winner was the venison fillet marinated with wildberry & red wine, served with nouvelle potatoes. Marinated (the marination ingredients are top secret) for 4 days, including the process of removing the nerves from the venison, venison fillet is then pan-fried, either medium or medium rare. The result was malleable-velvety soft venison with fruity-sweet, clean-crisp tastes and paired well with the potatoes and green veggie, also, the Montepulciano wine.
For dessert, we had the Classic Italian tiramisu with Marsala ice-cream. Truly pretty to look at, a rich treat blending the bold flavors, tiramisu certainly fulfilled the criteria a pleasurable dining experience for the combination of coffee, cream and booze. Indeed, awesome! Oh, a surprise before we call it a day was the Chocolate Chilli Shot. Okay, my first time, this distinctive shot clearly triple shot my throat with its spiciness. 

The only downer on this night for me, I didn't dare even a sip of wine because I was worried my heart will start rushing millions of miles. Meal aside, to Chef Diego, Jolene, the Zomato team and fellow foodies - thank you so much for the joy, laughter, happiness and making this a memorable treasure. Cucina & Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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  1. Wow this is food that I surely love! I always have my share of burrata whenever I am in Delhi. I must try this combination some time. The rest of the dishes look most delicious and glad you included the last picture with the chef. Looking good!!

  2. Wow- this all looks so delicious. I have never heard of a chocolate chili shot though. Was it good? :)Erika

  3. Oh love the decor and food looks good. Burrata is the best :-)

  4. Very tempting dishes. Nava you look very cute and stylish.

  5. You look gorgeous nava. You still look energetic. Italian tiramisu is my favorite. All those dishes look awesome.

  6. Sounds like a fun and delicious meetup!

  7. The tiramisu looks super delicious!

    I hope you had a great time there, Nava!

    Happy weekend.

  8. Now a days there r more food events fr promotion.. Like this place and the food u mentioned

  9. Sigh! Such beautiful menu.. Love how the dishes are presented. They look inviting.


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