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The KopiShop By Yummylicious (Bukit Damansara) - Kuala Lumpur

I’ve said it before and I must-must say it again. Okay, I do agree, yes I do - food ultimately binds foodies during a food review as and while we incredibly delight into the array of dishes. Nevertheless, for me, yes, me indeed, it has to be the valuable experience of listening to owner(s) on their breakthrough inspiring success journey despite the failures. At “The KopiShop By Yummylicious” the genuine sharing of Jimmy the owner I still remember till this day. Absolutely a motivation not to give up, never to take no for an answer and there are god send good Samaritan(s) when you least expect (My Starbucks Story). Truly and sincerely appreciated Jimmy. 

Thereafter of course as said earlier was tucking into the glorious food from the menu featuring East Malaysia-influenced dishes, house-blend/local favourite coffee and hand crafted cakes and snacks in the spacious industrial vibe café setting, a modern interpretation of a traditional Kopitiam.

Honestly, food-overloaded it was for a small eater like me, so I didn't have enough space for Hailam Roast Chicken Rice. The “Juicy Lucy/ Beef Cheeseburger” and Malaysian Beef Salad, sorry beef is a taboo whereas the Jumbo Roti John (available either with chicken or beef), well, I’ve never really been a fan of bread. Having said that, the other foodies gave thumbs up to these hearty and thoughtfully presented items.   

From the several other original dishes that make their appearance at “The KopiShop’, the Summertime Salad”at once shined through with its excellent renditions from the acidity-sweet citrus fruit and the bright bursts of flavours of the edible flowers I tasted for the first time ever. Absolutely eye-catching!
The Pani Puri was also the other first time real treat –  round, hollow and crispy fried Indian bread filled with a mixture of tamarind chutney, chili, chaat masala, potato, onion and scattered on top with fried omapadi and peanuts.
Oh-yum delectable quite filling finger food before the start to Herb & Toasted Coconut Rice served with Vegetarian Mutton and Cold Cucumber Salsa and Nasi Kerabu with Grilled Beef. These two wholesome rice platters I have also cooked in my own kitchen, the former is a dish to set the taste-buds racing with it savoury, sweet, sour and spicy tastes whereas the Nasi Kerabu (minus the beef for me) needed both more of the sambal and the coconut flakes. Still, the multitude flavours certainty offered a balance of flavours for someone like me who won’t compromise such a dish for any other. 

Next up was the Spicy Noodle (available with chicken, beef or prawn), and it didn’t take long to see why it is worth trying at The KopiShop - al dente vegetarian noodles stir fried with vegetables to while retaining the crunchiness and served with crispy fried chicken and the flaky chilli ikan bilis/ anchovies I tried. 

This dish was every bit of a joy to savour compared to the definitely unique and a clever invention ​Peanut Butter Rendang Sandwich (available either with Beef or Chicken Rendang). Really, really,  I don’t know what to say, I am unsure and I am still trying to figure out.
The cake on the other hand was a perfect fit for the birthday occasion. Consisting of layers and looking like a cloud of cream, a bite size piece should satiate even the sweetest of teeth whereas the “Teh Tarik” (picture went missing) I like to have more now and forever.
Apart from these dishes. the Hainanese Croque Madame (localized version of the popular French sandwich), ​Big Brekkie (their version of the All Day Breakfast) and an assortment of delicacies or kuih-muih that The KopiShop is planning to serve for Ramadan 2016 will ensure you a memorable visit. Also note students get a 20% discount whenever they dine in provided that they can produce their student card. 

To Jimmy (The Kopishop By Yummylicious) - terima kasih/tqvm again for the inspiring sharing and the awesome food. 
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  1. Wow. All those eye catching scrumptious dishes made me stop by and closely drool. Coconut rice and vegetarian mutton -a surprise combo for me. Should taste awesome as coxonut and mutton goes together

  2. The menu is scrumptious! I love love love the look of that cake.. Yummy! And pani Puri? So good.

  3. All the dishes are tempting!!nice clicks...

  4. How delicious! I love those Pani Puri!

  5. sandwiches look so yum
    keep in touch

  6. Lovely menu and gorgeous dishes. WOW!

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  8. All the meals look so tempting... lovely review...

  9. What a delectable meal! For an instant, I thought the Pani Puri is Mushroom Tempura. Yum! xoxo

  10. Smores looks amazing and the food delish.

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  12. Yummy food with awesome presentation.

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