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M136 Coffee House - Maluri (Kuala Lumpur)

No, no, not in my slightest moment I would have expected a sensational dining experience at M136 Coffee House (M for Maluri, 136 the lot number). Except for returning to back then familiar area which now is quite unfamiliar and a brief background about M136 Coffee House, expectation admittedly didn’t run high. Nonetheless, within just the first minute or two, the warmest welcome from the lady owner that lasted till I left after the sumptuous meal I will remember forever. She is simply adorable with her unselfish smile and she even came over to recommend the drinks I should try. Thank you Miss. 

Additionally, for someone like me who have high regards for creativity, I couldn't stop admiring the creative and homey ambiance. Beyond all praising are the decorative cement finishes and painted high beams not many would have thought for the comfort in the 2 section dining area. The outer section filled with metal high rise chairs and sofas and the inner section has a small sofa area where the customers can have more privacy to themselves. 

I also find it a bit hard to believe both the owners did not have prior experience in F & B industry. Even so, they were certain on providing the locals a place to escape the daily hustle-bustle for a relaxing moment while tucking into a meal. As the overwhelming demand grew from the locals, from only serving coffee and hand crafted cakes, M136 Coffee House recently featured on their menu the influence of both Western and Local flavours such as the Grilled Chicken Pasta, Dried Chili Chicken with Rice and Chicken Chop. Indeed yes, hot food in home-cooked style.
Now, when it came sampling the dishes, I admit I was skeptical. Oh-well, you can’t blame this typical Malaysian. Western food and I don’t go well together. But once I tucked into the dishes one after the other, sigh! I knew I was wrong. First up was the Chicken Amici (RM19.90 - promotion is available, refer to the attachment). Grilled soft-tender fresh chicken topped with a mushroom-tomato sauce and garnished with the highly aromatic sweet fresh basil, Chicken Amici unquestionably spelt the subtle tastes as a favorable start before the Salmon Piccolo  (RM19.90).
Loaded with the health benefits of Omega 3, the hearty juicy salmon lathered with a mild tangy spicy sauce and cushioned with fresh broccoli and baby carrots, this dish  as you can see is a captivating smooth operator.  
Similarly, the Pan Grill Butter Fish (RM19.90 - promotion is available, refer to the attachment) was another grilled to a perfect texture fresh catch. Drizzled with a light sauce, paired with orange and lemon slices for the sweet-sour tang, zucchini, salad and baked potato, Butter Fish was a flavorsome absolute pleaser. 
Then came the Smoke Salmon Fettuccine (RM16.80) and Risotto Di Mare (RM23.80). Despite adoring the al-dente fettuccine tossed and balanced nicely by flaked salmon, juicy tomatoes and garnished with basil, the risotto cooked to a silky smooth consistency and packed with seafood flavor was the standout. So lovely, I definitely have to take back my words about risotto is not my favorite. This one was way better compared to the risotto dishes I had in Italy, yes, really, believe me!

Another beloved was the visually appealing crispy on the outside and runny oozy yolk inside Lava Salad (RM16.90), certainly filled a lovely consistency when eaten with the fresh salmon and salad. 
As for desserts, the dense and creamy Panna Cotta surrounded with three types of fruity topping, slightly on a sweet side I still spooned into but the highlight had to be the Durian Cheesecake (RM12.00).  
An absolute indulgence, the cheese cake with a thin crusty layer, generously packed with the right burst of sweetness light-airy creamy durian flavor is a must for durian lovers. The cake was everything sensational as a fitted end before I finished off the thick Mango Lassi (RM14.90) and left feeling extremely happy from M136 Coffee House which also provides services for both private/corporate functions and delivery service in Taman Maluri area.

M136 Coffee House I must say is a winner on all counts. So, all you foodies, stay updated at their Facebook Page. Meanwhile, don't wait, let’s go!!   
M136 Coffee House
Address: 136-G, Jalan Jejaka, Taman Maluri, 55100 Kuala Lumpur (Sri Maluri Hotel)
Contact no:  012-4091868
Business Hours: Mon-Sun 11.00am – 9.00pm

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  1. Their ambiance is to good and I liked their dessert rack

  2. Oh wow.. Being a vegetarian, I always wonder what to comment on the non-vegetarian dishes but to be honest, at times when I come across the pics like these, I wish I were a non-vegetarian.. Those plates look mouthwatering! And I sure do love the look of that durian cheesecake.. Oh and the salad, just wow!

  3. Hello Navneetham, nice review...most of them are well are right they are gud at wat they do

  4. No experience? but it looks tasty

  5. the food looks delicious
    Keep in touch

  6. All dishes look lovely. My fav would be Panna Cotta <3

  7. It looks like a lovely place! Thanks for the review, Nava.

  8. I think the owners did a pretty awesome job considering they've no prior F&B experience. Lovely presentation too! xoxo

  9. the dishes looks so yummy :) the plaxce seems great for hanging out :)

  10. The cheesecake really made me salivate.. the food is really tempting... a lovely place to dine


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