Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Hello Kitty Gourmet Cafe - Sunway Pyramid

An absolute pleaser, yes, Hello Kitty Gourmet Cafe I bet will be for all Kitty Lovers. I on the other hand am not a Kitty-Cat fan, neither have I collected Kitty merchandisers, well, I don’t like cute things crowding my house. Those Kitty stuffs I know will be a pretty soothing sight but dusting-cleaning at my age, forget it, there's way better things I rather devote my time on. 

By the way, honestly, I didn't know Hello Kitty Cafe existed until when I was at the mall to shop for the family wedding (Special Occasion - Fashion Statement). No plans whatsoever prior to dine at Hello Kitty, just so happened after aimlessly walking around the mall (Taste Enclave & Hana Dining) and feeling frustrated because I couldn't buy what I wanted, hunger called and if I didn’t rest, my legs definitely would have given way. At that point, I noticed the sign to the Hello Kitty Cafe Gourmet Café, but still I was unsure where the café is. So, I walked all over again and then asked the security. As I looked up in front, goodness me, the cafe was just a minute away along the same row as Bubba Gump and OleOle Bali (Brotzeit German Bar). 

Pretty in pink and obviously adorned with everything "Kitty-Kitty-Kitty", I went up to the second floor as the first floor I was told unless I wanted to have drink and some cakes, I am welcomed to sit downstairs. As I sat across the counter and nearby the window facing the main road, the foreign staff came over with the menu.

The menu I thought is quite limited and a few dishes I pointed to were not available. So, I opted for the fried chicken balls (Boule D. Poulet - can't even pronouns- sigh!!) priced at RM22.70, the Crispy Ice Cream Sandwich, also at RM22.70 and Flat White Coffee (RM13.10). 
Attractively presented, the 5 pieces of fried crispy on the outside and tender inside chicken balls dipped in the tangy dip I won't say were sensational, just a small pop which quickly disappeared in my big fat mouth. As I ate, I couldn't help thinking about the amount I am going to pay later. Well, it is a Gourmet Café! I guess Kitty is in demand and you pay for all things nice. 

Next came the vanilla ice cream tucked in height in the buttery bun (2 pieces). The bun was super rich and if you don’t eat soonest, once the ice cream melts, it can be a messy thing. Struggling to finish off, instead of wasting my hard earned money, I made sure not a bit was left behind. The coffee on the hand is just a coffee. I really can't say anything.

Paying RM65.10 at this cafe I take it as a happy treat and a moment in time experience as part of my foodie journey.
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  1. the place looks so adorable :)

  2. Omg how cool is this will love to eat there.

  3. Those chicken balls look yumm. Sometimes its ok to go for a good treat like u say.

  4. Nice and clean s lookin gud....the icecream with buns reminds me of fried really gets messy

  5. Now who wud nt like a Hello Kitty restaurant .. loved the decor and omg the macaroons look cute and tempting

  6. Amazing.Everything looks so tempting!

  7. I just got back from Hello Kitty Cafe in Bangkok & I've to say the interior decor is much more impressive there, but I felt that they ought to put in more effort in decorating the pastries instead of just sticking some kitty cocktail sticks tho...

  8. Place looks nice. All those platters are so inviting and i feel hungry

  9. The decor looks good but I think they can be a bit more (or a lot) creative with the food. Were u full after the meal btw?


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