Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Tea & Tattle - Damansara Utama (Petaling Jaya)

Indeed, as a food blogger, I have had the chance of sampling various types of cuisines. Far from that, what is truly interesting with an invited review is the one to one experience of listening to the owner(s) on how they pursued their inspiration and passion in setting up their eateries. Here at Tea & Tattle, meeting Aven the owner ultimately was what I loved the most for it was the start to the 1 ½ hours of heart to heart conversation on his passion for food, how he started the first outlet in Ipoh and subsequently setting foot at Damansara Utama with this latest branch.  

Located across the main road, Tea & Tattle (pork free) stands tall for its bold and striking yellow fa├žade. Yellow again is the main color theme, harmoniously coordinated with the trendy deco in the first floor and second floor dining area. Neatly set up in an organized manner and as the name suggests, tea obviously is the signature in Tea & Tattle.
Prior to coming over, I have also done my homework by reading on Tea & Tattle at their facebook page. Thus, I was not surprise to see the concoctions of tea in bottles across the counter and those on the shelf. But only after Aven and I continued with our interesting conversation, I found out that one is spoilt for choice because there’s 150 types of tea clearly explained on their menu.

Nonetheless, deciding on which tea to opt for was not as simple as I thought. Eventually, I didn’t mind trying the Sweet Memories and to beautify my skin, I included the Moroccan rose tea. I also took home a packet of the ZZZ tea hoping I will sleep better and the rose tea, well, if possible, I would love to look good forever (ahem!!)

Except for the every now and then cuppa of Indian chai or the commercial tea I drink at home, honestly, my knowledge on tea was zero but within the next one hour  it shot up to if not 100%, at least 60%. If I am asked on the art of drinking tea right now, I am absolutely sure I can differentiate the taste of the just so normal tea and quality imported organic tea and the fact that over seeped tea will taste bitter. That's why at Tea & Tattle, tea will simultaneously arrive with a small cute sand timer so that you can continue with your meal and keep an eye on the timing. Thereafter sit back, sip the cuppa of tea and feel free to ask for another refill of hot water into the pot.  

As I sipped into the two unique  and refreshing tea which not only mildly lingered on my tongue and heart, for someone like me who find lame excuses to skip breakfast, the Egg Benedict was a promising start to trigger my hunger. Served with a refreshing garden salad, skillet potatoes and egg, generously doused with hollandaise sauce on a grilled English muffin, Egg Benedict is voluptuous and a delightful riff bursting with the yolky goodness as I gently forked into the firm yet gooey inside egg.   
Just as I thought I had enough of food, arrived the cheesecake – a thin firm layer of graham buttery crust decked up with a cheesy layer. Creamy and tasting as delightful as it sounds, the cake was a little too sweet because I hardly take sugar. Nevertheless, I happily tucked in, finished off ¾ of it and left after thanking Aven.
Returning again to Tea & Tattle to sample the other array of food and drinks is on my mind, especially for the raved about Lamb Goulash. Lamb Goulash certainly will be joyous for my other half-half and that big portion we can easily share, either here in this outlet or you never know, we may drive to Ipoh. 
Tea & Tattle
12, Jalan SS21/35
Damansara Utama
Petaling Jaya

Tea & Tattle
De Garden Mall
3, Persiaran Medan Ipoh
Medan Ipoh
Ipoh, Perak

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  1. Lovely place!
    The menu seems interesting!

  2. I believe the atmosphere is as important as the food. This place is very charming to enjoy a healthy meal.

  3. cafe ambiance looks good.. I wish I had a chance to visit this cafe

  4. The ambience seemed so lovely and the food is simple and fuss free.. awesome place to eat

  5. Wow.. So many varieties of tea.. Love the way it is served..

  6. Omg! This makes me want to visit the shop. I personally loved the pictures with the mini sand clocks that needed no words to explain that seeping time varied according to blends and fragrance intensity. You Have so much detail in what you observe and write that if I need to look up to someone in M, it will be you.

  7. 150 types of Tea. Wow it would take me ages to choose!! Place looks good :)

  8. An interesting collection and food on your plate looks delicious! Can't take my eyes off the cheesecake!:) Invited to write a review...there's nothing like it!

  9. Looks like a nice little cozy corner! xoxo

  10. So many types of tea, rose tea looks inviting.


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