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How To Stay In Shape

Talking about shape and size (Smart Casual Wear) I absolutely know is sensitive especially for women. Well, women including myself, we prefer to evade the reality on the negative aspects of our shape. The compliments of course, of course we embrace happily whereas the not nice words constantly hurt like hack. Then again, it all depends how we interpret shape, to each its own and I suppose it is easier said than done on how to shape-up. So ladies, by all means, if you can accept your plus size or the extra hanging flesh, stay true because no one can take away how you feel about yourself. But if it hurts when people say you are overweight, you envy slim women or you are unhappy with your naked body, it is still not end of the world. We can do something and we can do it right now. 

Before anything else, let me tell you that I was once a roly-poly. Though I was not unhappy, I used to hide myself in loose-shapeless clothes. Those baggy clothes to a certain extent covered my big butt, my bulging tummy and my heavy thighs. Also, as I  have always been a happy go lucky come person, more so during my teens, shape didn't matter. However, upon giving birth at 20, just like that, my weight got to me. I started exercising, portioned my food intake and here I am with the same size for the last 32 years. Perhaps my weight did yo-yo in between, still, I put it back to shape. With that, for those who have been quietly asking how I stay in shape, let's get going.    
Knowing yourself seem easy, in actual fact, many of us have not dug deep down into our feelings on our ideal shape. To know yourself, start by taking a hard look at your shape with or without clothes to knock-knock your consciousness. If you are contented with your shape, so be it. If not, then decide on the ideal weight you want to achieve or maintain. While at it, please forget about the skinny scrawny runaway models. They have no choice but to munch only on muesli bars. We on the other hand don't want to run away from the reality of being practical with our shape (Saree - The Fashion Statement).

What? Diet? Oh-no. Dieting is a bad word in my vocabulary. Dieting is such a torture, dieting is really harsh on yourself and dieting means giving up your favorite food. In the long run, dieting will drain your energy, you will start hating yourself and your temper will fly because food is love, food is happiness and food is a joy to the mind and soul. Trust me, no matter what, I can’t give up on fat loaded roasted pork and chicken wings. Better to forget about dieting and hang on tight to your will power by eating sensibly.   

Eating Habits
Eating is a must whereas starving is madness. We have to eat for energy, to nourish our body and because everything is associated with food, we can't possibly avoid eating. I know, you know and the whole world knows it is difficult to shun away from food. Still, we can cultivated healthy eating habits. Cutting down on the portions, eating smaller meals instead of gawking on a huge meal and three meals a day by including more vegetables, lean meat and fruits definitely way better instead of snacking on junk food while watching tv or working. Snacking is disastrous for loading empty calories whereas a few pieces of potato chips or a small portion of ice cream, dessert, pisang goreng or chocolates will not hurt. But if you prefer to stock up your pantry or the drawers at work with snacks, I rest my case. 

Exercising is not necessarily about signing up for every other marathon or running around aimlessly in your neighbourhood to flaunt your sexy shorts and tight t-shirt. Rather, exercise is about flexing your muscles and sweating, maybe 20 minutes a day is a big achievement. Parking a little further to walk or taking the stair case will be good for health but watch the surrounding as the crime rate is scary. Gardening you can consider as well whereas house work, unless you scrub the bathroom or mop the floor none stop, sorry to say, you won’t lose much calories. Joining a gym sounds fantastic but maintaining the enthusiasm is the other question. Maybe qigong or taichi I foresee as a better option though usually you will be surrounded by older people like me but we are happier and we don't depend on our children for money. 

Brisk walking at parks sounds great, again, please be careful because crime is paying nowadays. Another cheapest option will be dancing gloriously at home when watching Tamil movies rather than getting emotional. And if you travel often, you should actually loose weight or at least maintain it. Travelling as far as I know is about walking from one end to the other or from one place to other for sightseeing. Unless of course yours is the pampering holiday whereby you eat, sleep and don't pray, I can still recall my first ever overseas trip to Italy (Rome, Florence, Venice & Verona). I walked continuously for 9 days until I couldn't even lift my legs to climb into the coach (Lake Como, Lake Lugano & Autogrill Milan) and when I returned home, my weighting scale didn't crack when I stood on it.  
Water is always-forever the god of health. Water flushes out toxin and does fill up our appetite but remember, you can’t survive on water. You must eat. Plain water is also superior though sometimes we like a little taste in it. So, a squash of lemon with honey for the biggest cup of water while refilling with more water will cleanse our body. Carbonated drinks are definitely a big flip-flop while coffee with moderate amount of sugar and milk will not hurt.

Unlike some women who hide and topple themselves, I admit I absolutely love the tipsiness. But gone are the days of drinking to sob or to scream loudly because alcohol effects my health. I actually fall sick if I load up calories with hard liquor and beer does nothing more except round up my tummy. So, l enjoy a glass of wine or two, maybe twice a week to relax and sleep better. Certainly moderate drinking no one said you should give up to stay in shape.  
Age I know is just a number but with it we slow down, we can't avoid tiredness and pain here and there is part of ageing even if you swallow the best and most expensive health supplements. With age we also tend to put on weight as our metabolism rate, sorry to say, can fail us. That's why, staying in shape is rather challenging as each year passes by. Nonetheless, albeit the hundreds of excuses for the preference of slouching and watching Tamil dramas or gossiping on the phone, better to start somewhere with light exercise or plan for the next day's healthy meal.  

Social Media
While social media no doubt is the friendship connection, you will be cheating yourself if you start believing everything you see and read. I take it with a pinch of salt when women show off their hour glass figure or fabulousity. Seriously, you shouldn't fall for the disillusioned social world because with beauty apps, shape can be adjusted for picture perfect, what more awing at celebrities bootylicous will further be depressing. They sure can afford the best treatments to shape up their assets whereas we are not in the same boat but we can still strive in the simplest form.

All that said, these tips are are merely a guide notwithstanding the facts. To keep in shape, honestly, is not an easy feat. Never mind if we don’t achieve the perfect shape but at least we cultivate healthy eating habits and stay active. Eventually, without realising, you would have shed a couple of kilos and that must be applauded. 
Until then, take care ladies!

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  1. Loosing weight is a lifestyle change and needs to be followed forever.. My life changed in 2010 after I got hypothyroid.. life has only bn miserable since then bcoz of weight gain n all the symptoms.. I am lazy bt only exercising doesnt work fr us unless proper medication is taken.. so i hv lost n gained again bt at the end of the day i dnt stress abt it and i know what i eat and control where necessary.. Life can be cruel to some in terms of weight..I hope I loose some weight in future fr my health sake

  2. u look so good in indian wear
    keep in touch

  3. Interesting read.These days my one of the priority is to get back to shape.Although I could reach my pre-pregnancy weight,I lost the shape and there is a tummy that I hate :)

  4. Some amazing tips, Nava... I am one of those whose weight just refuses to move away from me, at the same time though I control my food intake, I hog the very next moment and everything goes for a toss! Hehe...

  5. Great and practical tips. Stay in shape.

  6. Nava, you certainly are a charming lady especially in that fushia maxi! Totally agree that we've to stay in shape to fit into those beautiful dresses in the window displays. Hahaha! xoxo

  7. Nice post Nava, luv the click with green saree!

  8. Love the post, Exercise and a healthy diet is a must for a slim and fit body.

  9. That's a lovely post dear...You look fab specially in the last pic..

  10. Be happy,stay in shape,the blogging world needs you!

  11. You look beautifully fit and healthy!

  12. Nava this si a very thoughtfully written post and i loved your efforts :) i agree with your points..

  13. You have achieved great shape... I am about start my perfect diet and weight loosing exercise..

  14. So cantik. And I love your real real casual pic complete with duster and ladder ;) so cute


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