Thursday, February 25, 2016

Ticklish Ribs & 'Wiches - Sea Park (Petaling Jaya)

It is still as good as ever at Ticklish Ribs & ‘Wiches. In fact, maybe I shouldn't say better but sure, an impressive revamped menu with a significant number of new dishes while still retaining the classic signature dishes, especially the irresistible ultimate ribs. The fa├žade perhaps is still the same or given a slight face lift but honestly, I didn't really pay attention because the moment I met TC the owner and we started talking, as always, losing focus on the nitty-gritty things is just me. However, absolutely certain I am that Ticklish Ribs, reputed for their oink-oink food has and is still drawing a continuous line of customers.

Walking into the admirable creative ambiance with my two kunchu-kunchu, I sat with TC for a short crash course on the menu. As he explained on how the dishes are paired and listed as per the code, admittedly, I was more fascinated with the creative names of the food and drinks. Absolutely some bold, yeh bold names alright, I still figured out that to order, it begins with the selection and then writing down the code(s) on the order sheet. Thereafter queue at the counter to hand over the sheet, pay, return to your table and your orders will arrive within time.

When it came to ordering for the three of us, being an adventurous foodie, I was gamed for anything except that the fragrant lard rice, my all-time favourite I insisted should be included. Hence, on the order sheet we wrote the code for - You Braise Me Up With Rice, SSShock Sendiri With Rice, Once You Black With Rice, Freaky Fries, Lemongrass On Lime and Vanilla Ice Cream With Pork Gravy. Of course, of course, there's a whole list of other food and drinks. To list out all of them is rather impossible and true to say, nothing like the suspense of coming over and discovering for yourself. For us, the sky was the limit, I mean we could have greedily ordered but how much can three people eat. Let me also tell you that wasting food is rather embarrassing.

As we sat back, arrived the You Braise Me Up. Sinfully mouthwatering, the pork pieces with its streaky loins glistering atop the fluff, no smell and with the right burst of lard in the rice. Rice is always my love and this one eaten with the fatty pork, I felt as though heaven came knocking down. 
Next was the SSShock Sendiri  - spicy a bit, sweet a bit and salty a bit battered lean crispy lean pork over the flavoured darkish fried rice and garnished with tad bit of spring onion. Indeed, a premium pork fried rice as a quick yet a wholesome meal though an extra scatter of the crunchy pork we would have appreciated to emerge victorious in the memorable department.
The Once You Black, a crowd pleaser at Ticklish Ribs, somehow sorry to say, was not our favourite. Then again, to each its own and you never know, you may like the sweet-salty lean pork slices dripping with the black sauce on the rice.
The vanilla ice cream drizzled with pork gravy and topped with crunchy nuts definitely was a winner for me, yes, absolutely for me. But my two kunchu-kunchu only had a tiny scoopful while I brimmed happily and finished off the sweet-salty-caramelized ice cream. The freaky fries the friends munched away whereas I strawed the slushed lemongrass on lime - a joyful twist that lives up to the creative magic of Ticklish Ribs.

Apart from these food and drinks, you can have a go at the concoction of alcoholic drinks or beer whenever you are here or for a relaxed live music Friday night. Also, if you are dropping by for lunch, the pretty darn affordable set meals are a must go-getter as well.  

Thank you so much Ticklish Ribs & ‘Wiches (beside Maybank and across the Shell Station, Sea Park). 

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  1. Sure sounds good. Their menu also very creative. Yummy. One of these days must go and try

  2. those deserts :)
    Keep In Touch

  3. What a cool atmosphere you both find the coolest place to eat and the food looks amazing.

  4. Interesting concept to present hawker food in a cafe-like ambience. It's a pity the food wasn't on par.

  5. Sounds great. Sweet-salty-caramelized ice cream, yum!!! I would be happy too :D

  6. This is place is worth going as per yr review.. the dishes look so yummy

  7. loved the lively ambiance and a creative menu:)

  8. Wow..dishes seems delicious and place looks amazingly cool..Great Post dear...loved it...xoxo, Neha

  9. Looks like a good place, the lemon drink looks refreshing.


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