Friday, February 12, 2016

Smart Casual Wear - The Stylish Look

They say life is a learning curve and I can't agree more. Absolutely because having been blogging for five years, my learning curve plunged deepest down and only in the last one year, the curve slowly picked upwards. Also, true to say, everyday I am still learning. As a blogger, admittedly, behind the hours of writing while staring at the computer, blogging is tiring and there has been days I wanted to give up. Nonetheless, when reality kicks in, I realise that "when the going get tough and the tough gets going", it is about crucial discipline of perseverance and not giving up. 

One of the toughest learning curve of blogging I certainly picked up at blogger events. Initially, honestly, I was naive, innocent and the friendliest blogger. I smiled at every fellow blogger not realizing that behind every smile, the evil eyes are staring at me. After a couple of events, I realise that the vast majority of bloggers look at you as their competitors. The competition surely is heated up at beauty-fashion events and is conquered by the sweet-young mini skirt, platform shoes and wonder-bra bloggers. By observing these sweeties as I like to call them, I learned that fashion is not about blindly following the latest trends or a matter of imitating others, rather to create your own style.  

At my age, as much as I like platform shoes, if I wear, my varicose veins will protrude out, mini skirt is an embarrassment for my lady fair status and wonder-bra, I sure am fully developed. Thus, whatever and however the fashion world is, I still like my style, I like to maintain my style and of course, improve over time to look presentable. Also, Instead of buying more clothes, I have turned around the real-real casual  to smart casual. Easy as per se, indeed easy as well if you know how to coordinate your clothes by not spending but to start with what you already have stocked up in your wardrobe.
Having said that, for me, comfort is still jeans and and t-shirt. Such so, over the years, I have invested in some affordable pieces which until today I still think is fashionable, well-kept and I can fit in. Those tattered and worn out pieces (the real-real casual) I don't throw but I use for home wear. With jeans and t-shirts, somehow I always prefer subtle or solid single shade. I then accessorize, I mean match with single coloured/colourful beads,one stunning piece of earrings. maybe a bold bracelet or watch and lets not undermine the sunglasses for day outing as another accessory. 
Leggings on the other hand I never thought of though since of late, I have dug into my closet and found a few. Colorful leggings looks good with plain tops and black tops are always in fashion. The not too thick sweaters I have been stashing after using a couple of times for travelling, I have now started using over the t-shirts during cold/chilly weather. Other times, high heels pretty much are good enough whereas scarfs can make a whole lot of difference for the touch of colour to plain outfits. A touch of make-up is also undeniably much needed to enhance and brighten our face. 

So, ladies, casual stylish look is not necessary about the latest trend, spending lots of money or competing with others. Instead it is about staying true by building your own style, investing in outfits you can mix and match and most importantly, as always said, carrying yourself well for your age. Shapes and sizes whether you accept or not are still vital though speaking about it is a taboo for some women. Nevertheless. sometimes you have to open the can of worms and ponder if your size is a hindrance to neglecting your dressing style. Sensitive I know the topic, still, I am going to brave myself and speak about size in the next post.  

Until then, take care ladies.

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  1. I love the way you write. Its so real. I could relate to you in many a places. Keep it coming please and do not give up. Hope we get to meet some day to talk each others heart out.

  2. U look good in every outfit.. The leggings and headband one was too cute

  3. There is no end to learning.. yes blogging is tiring & cumbersome and not enough perks to be honest... going fr events is good bt sometimes i dnt as i feel surrounded by bunch of fake people.. do what u do.. ur doing a great job

  4. I love the way to write, it's real. From heart. Yup blogging is tiring at times, haven't attended any bloggers meet till now but I am not sure I am ready for that . fake people suck the energy out of me.

    Love your style , Smart :)

  5. Very true Nava, style is all about looking good in anything you feel comfortable! Your style has a decency and class. Just keep doing what you are doing 'cause it's great!

  6. Wow all the looks are stylish and u have maintained ur self so well.
    Love that scarf.

  7. Love all the looks...i really love your writing :)

  8. Even I feel like quiting at times, Like you even I prefer smart casual they are comfortable as well as stylish. Waiting for your next post.

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  11. Wow all the looks are stylish and u have maintained ur self so well.
    Love that scarf. Really Good Looking photos
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