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Milkissimo Hakodate Gelato - Da:Men (USJ)

A sweet treat by far I know is simply irresistible whether as a daily or occasional indulgence. Between the various choices of sweet snacks, generally, leaving aside the baked sweet stuffs, nothing can come close to chilled desserts when the weather calls for or simply to satisfy the craving. I for once have to say that I am pretty cautious of sugar loaded chilled desserts because overdoing it with sugar can lead to health complications. No doubt, I won’t deny I totally shun away from chilled desserts but rare is the occasion. However, with the arrival of Milkissimo gelato, it is assured I will be treating myself more often with their low fat, low sugar, no colouring, no artificial flavouring and authentic gelato.

During the recent review at Milkssimo’s second outlet after the first at Gurney Plaza Penang, I had the privilege of sampling some of best massive variants gelato. No other and for the first time ever, truly the birth of the gelato originating from Hakodate in Hokkaido and Rome, capital of Italy, the two cities linked at 41° north latitude. One is the famed home of gelato and the other is the home of milk. Inspired by far-off Italy, Milkissimo takes the high-quality milk of the Hakodate region and produces authentic gelato with all the abundant blessings of the Hokkaido soil.  As per se, the true taste of Italy is the foundation of all their gelato, Milkissimo gelato is nutritious, low pasteurize and suited for kids and adults to relieve thirst whereas the same cannot be said about ice cream. To retain the freshness, lightness and creaminess, Milkissimo gelato is made every 4 to 5 days once and with the raw ingredients processed at Hokadate, Hokkaido and facilitated directly.
The prepared in-store from the gelato machines gelato flavours inspired by classic Italian dolce desserts for the perfect freshness -

Classic Favorites:
Caramel Macchiato
Ciaccolato Bianco
Occolato Bianco E Frutta
Crema Catalana
Zuppa Inglese
Cassata Siciliana
Torta Di Mela
Zuccotto E Lampone
Bellini Alla Rosa
Brownie Cioccolato

The fruits and vegetables favourites utilizing strictly selected seasonal ingredients from Hokkaido, such as Hokkaido fruits and vegetables -
Edamame Estivo
Made of edamane beans from Hokuto.
A refreshing taste, reminiscent summer.
Made of the fruit of Haskapp honeyberry.
A taste of red wine, with a hint of added sweetness.
Corn Fresco
Made of sweet, rich-flavoured Hokkaido corn.
Melon Matoro
Made of Hokkaido melons
Rich, sweet authentic melon flavor

Besides gelato, Milkissimo serves classic Italian staples:
Hot Chocolate
Torta Gelato
Millefoglie Crema

Others Menus:
Brioche Gelato (Gelato served on bread)
Gelato Cake
Hokadate Strawberry
Hokkaido Haskapp
Kuririn Pumpkin Pudding
Rose Type Gelato
From the different variants of gelato I tucked into, it was a tough call to decide which I should vote as my favorite top 3. After much consideration, since my love is always for sour sweet notes, I picked the Haskapp, banana youghurt and strawberry flavours, indeed these won my heart.  
Thank you Milkissimo.

Milkissimo Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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