Monday, February 22, 2016

Favful - The One Stop Virtual Beauty Platform

Not a new trend anymore, beauty websites and beauty apps has fast caught up in the virtual world. I for once believe that if beauty companies fail to understand the current social trend, they will be left behind. Well, such has been life for the past couple of years whereby we want everything including beauty information at the snap of our fingers. For that, obviously, there can't  be anything better than surfing websites or staying close to a relevant app.

Beauty by far as said by the famous Elizabeth Arden is "to be beautiful is the birthright of every woman". So true and so clear the message, whether it is about keeping our complexion glowing or applying makeup to enhance our features, we women should not neglect our looks. I admit I love it when people comment I look good for my age but honest to goodness, after reaching the big five, it is rather challenging to maintain my skin.
Having said that, during the launch of Favful - an interactive platform to be a virtual beauty advisory platform, I couldn't agree more with Sasha Tan, founder of the said app on inspiring women to live life beautifully. First-of-its-kind in Southeast Asia, established in November 2015 and recently backed by Segnel and 500 startups - a global movement and startup accelerator with presence in over 50 countries, Favful aims to be exciting addition to not just the Malaysian tech startup scene, but also the beauty industry.
Favful's goal is to empower women on making informed purchases on beauty products. A comprehensive website and app in the vein of Tripadvisor that provide analysed information necessary for beauty purchases and will allow consumers, makeup artists and peer-beauty enthusiasts to offer their opinions for smarter selection of purchasing products.

In navigating the beauty ladyrinth of brands and countless products, Favful will cover it all including skincare and makeup. With content curated "for beauty-lovers, by beauty-lovers" Favful users will enjoy a number of features including:
  • Helping you to find the best deals through Price Comparison from different merchants.
  • Reviews and Ratings Analysis about the product based on a user's skin type and age group.
  • Easy barcode scanning to get comprehensive information on beauty products on the go.
  • Necessary beauty information like tips, ingredients and tutorial videos all in one page.
With these features, Favful users will be able to make informed beauty purchases even while on the go. In addition, users can look forward to giveaways, as well as the opportunity to get rewarded with points and freebies for contributing to the Favful community.
Apart from the intersession whereby representatives of the beauty scene discussed the topic "What makes you stay Favful to your beauty brands?", a beauty table was set up by event partner The Body Shop for attendees made up of media including bloggers, make-up artists as well as key opinion leaders mingled amongst each other over delicious refreshments.
Nonetheless, as Favful anticipates that its users will consist mainly of women between the ages of 18 to 34, I am wondering where do women above that age group fit in. Seriously, uncertain I am how did Favful anticipate the age group because I believe age should never be a factor for women in buying and using skin care and makeup products. All the more, I have been writing from my viewpoint that women above 50 must not neglect their looks. Honestly, as far as I know, age has never been a barrier to embrace beauty.

Unbelievably sad indeed, age as the line from women to women. I for once feel strongly about this age thing, thus, I don't think I will be one of them who can fit my journey towards revolutionizing the beauty world with Favful. For the rest of you between the anticipated age group, search for the app on the Google Play (currently available on Android-powered devices) and stay close with Favful at

Website - stayfavful
Facebook - Favful
Twitter - Favful
Instagram - Favful

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  1. Big 5? I thought you were in the 4s dont judge a book by its cover ya.

    Long ago i heard from colleagues that every few yrs we have to chge our beauty products as the former line of products may not be able to sustain what we need as we age. Noce to know that they hv everythi g under one roof

  2. Being a beauty & lifestyle blogger I do have a fair knowledge of products.. apps like these wud b a bonus.. Thanks fr sharing!!

  3. thank you For introducing to this ap.. I am going to check it out today :)

  4. Great post and amazin review...
    xo, Neha

  5. Cool event to attend is good to try different beauty products.


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