Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Casual Wear - The Real-Real Casual

Unlike Sarees and Sarongs, casual can be anything, I mean, there's no hard and soft rules about being comfortable with your skin to project the laid back and informal individuality. I for once admit I love knee length pants, t-shirts and slippers but these I know are not appropriate for every casual occasion. Casuals I've figured can best by categorized in my term as "real-real casual" and "smart casual". Real-real casual by far is dressing as you like whereas smart casual including for work is also informal attire, yet neat and with a certain edge of not going overboard by overdressing or under dressing to send the wrong personality signals.

The real-real casual will be interesting to begin with while smart casual we shall keep-in-view for the next post. Real casual actually begins at home because nothing is more comforting than the faded, worn out and million times washed shorts and t-shirt we just refuse to throw away. Over and over we wear but-but these I’m sure you will agree you can’t wear even to the neighborhood shop. Well, you can but I rather change to something more appropriate instead of walking in and out with my dirty run down shorts and t-shirt.

The fact may be that it is our liberty to dress as we like, still. it be good to take into consideration where we are going or who we will meet before stepping out of the house. Take for example the trips I make to the wet market. You probably think it does not matter what you wear but it does ladies. Ripped at the butt or navel barring jeans and micro mini may be trended as appropriate at the market in Tamil movies to draw millions of audiences including our so called traditional mothers but in the real market, I’m afraid the earth will stand still and you may not return home. Don't believe me? Try. That's why as not to “ruffle the chicken feathers”, I am in knee length pants, loose t-shirt and slippers when buying mutton and proudly I profess that real casual style has not been compromised.    
Now, let’s look at another situation why appropriate real casual is important to portray professionalism. Going for a movie, shopping at the mall or eating out at the basic eateries, again, you don’t want to be stared at though I agree staring is obviously part of our Malaysian culture or Asian culture. I still believe decency is the key, at least for someone like me who is always out on my own. Jean and t-shirts I think sits well on me and bottom line, I am happy with myself. 
Travelling alone (Solo Travel To Bangkok, Vietnam And Cambodia & Phuket and Krabihas also taught me the lesson to appropriate and decent casual. As much as I like to believe liberalism exist in the world, the real truth in the real world is rather harsh. So to say, g-string, topless or bikini at the beach or even on social media is a way to flaunting and will attract plenty of admirers. At other places, to be save, you can’t go wrong with short sleeve or sleeves t-shirts and Bermuda pants to fit your shape but tight as possible outfits until “everything” is bursting out is beyond the boundary of decency. 
Real casual wear can further be segmented and I can go on and on by quoting other examples and situations. Sure to say, definitely no one can take away your freedom of dressing yet ultimately it is about carrying yourself well in casual wear. I bet you don't want to hear people whispering things like tacky, cheesy or a wannabee with a wrong fashion direction. Another important message to casual wear is age. After a lapse of five years, whether you want to accept or not, casual is no longer about wearing what you wore lets say in your teens or thirties. 
So ladies, the real truth to real-real casual you may have brushed aside. Maybe its time you think again and please do share your opinion as I can also learn a thing or two from your good-self.  

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  1. I like the green top, beautiful refreshing color.

  2. Lovely post written on casual dressing

  3. I am a casual outfit person.. righly said nothing like worn out t shirts n shorts at home thats what i opt for.. when out need to be a bit more dressy... u look great in all the pics

  4. so cute of you to share snippets from your life :) I also have a tee which i wore and washed so much that it actually got holes in it but i refuse to throw it away :)

  5. Lovely post and you look too cool

  6. Lovely post and you look too cool

  7. now this is real , by the way I love gardening too
    keep in touch

  8. I'm a t-shirt & shorts or jeans person. Living in a tropical country like us, these casual outfits are best suited I guess. Great shots! xoxo

  9. Love your style!

    Rakel ♥

  10. You look beautiful Nava..You can carry yourself really well in all attires


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