Friday, January 15, 2016

The Sarong - Fashion Statement

Hi Ladies,
How's everyone doing? Hopefully all of you are as strong as tough as ever. Right! Remember our first start to Fashion With Sarees? Right again. And where are going today? Well, today we are going to look and speak about the sarong, another traditional pride and joy Malaysian attire. Yes, the sarong, the love of my late dad as well. Dad’s sarong of course the cotton sarong in checked designs and in his remembrance, I am keeping one of his sarongs close to my heart. Whenever I miss him, I whiff the sarong and some days, I can't help but tear drops do fall. 

Sarong from those years has been my love too. In fact, baju kurung and baju kebaya I wore from young and it was not pinafore for school but the "kurung-kurung" baju. Mum naturally was happy because you know-lah Indian mothers, the more you cover, the prouder the love for you. Anyway, kurung and kebaya I wore to work and till this day, I still adore for events, weddings and family functions. However, the ladies in the family believe in loose-baggy-flowing to the floor Punjabi suits perceived as Indian traditional costume. Mmm?? No comments about ladies who feel they know better. 
More to that, the decent versatile sarong anyone can wear for any occasion irrespective of race and religion. Look, if the Chinese girls don't mind flaunting themselves in saree and skimpy blouse at Indian weddings, I am not saying we should follow them but sure, we can look even better and professionally curvaceous in a sarong even in our fifties. And right now, right at this moment l'll going to tell you how that is possible.  
While generally sarong material is flowered or patterned, by all means, you can opt for the plain single tone. Still, the colorful flowers and patterns on the material will definitely brighten your face regardless whether you prefer the ready-made or tailor-made sarong. Tailor-made definitely way better to fit your shape but please, not too tight till you can't "lift your legs" or you have to keep pulling in your stomach. In our fifties, let’s face one hard truth - no matter how slim we are and no matter how much we exercise, the little or big bulge won't disappear easily. Well, corset will be good to hold the torso but I just don't feel comfortable.  
Colorful sarongs, well, should be paired with plain blouse/top and you can't go wrong with plain colors especially black or white. The blouses you can buy anywhere provided they sit comfortably without automatically opening up in front when you stretch. Over the years, I have also picked the colors I look good in. So, I tend to go for the same colours for shoes, handbags and accessories and these, I can easily match with the sarongs. There’s also the hair accessories - bows, ribbons, clips and artificial flowers but before you reach out to any one, think of the occasion before they crowd your look.
What about make-up are you asking? Make-up, okay, I’ll share with you in the next post. Till then, take care ladies.  
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  1. Looking good ☺

    Sarong. Safest wear in Malaysia. Opens door to everywhere. and etc ☺

  2. You look fantastic Nava. Sarongs are neat, I like the patterned one more :)

  3. u look so pretty, u must do more of outfit posts :)
    Keep in Touch

  4. Lovely dress. You looks pretty in this dress

  5. Looking amazing sarongs are very practical go from chic to comfortable.

  6. You are looking gorgeous:)especially in third pics

  7. Very informative and interesting to read! I had no idea about sarong. And of course you look fabulous especially that red sarong with the flower!!

  8. Wow, first you tempted me with sarees & now kebayas! You look great in all of them, but I like the red one best! Happy weekend, dear! xoxo

  9. you look pretty in each dress.Really fashionable...

  10. I like the first and last sarong, it looks stylish with kurtha as well as tops.

  11. You rock every outfit and this commendable.. i envy ur figure in a good way :D all the pics r lovely

  12. You are very fashionable , you photograph while in Bali Indonesia ?
    baju karnaval anak


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