Thursday, January 21, 2016

Primary Care Skin Forum 2016 - New Horizon In Managing Chronic Skin Disorders

Having gone through my set of health problems over the last few years, despite the reality the medical industry is now crowded with fresh young upcoming doctors, I will not doubt the fact "Doctors Know Best". While I have been certified as another normal human being, whenever the relapses occurs due to hormonal imbalances, doctors are still my saviors. At the recent "Primary Care Skin Forum", it was further reinforced "Doctors Know Best" as doctors took to the stage their years of experiences and expertise by presenting the data, figures and real case studies analysis on "New Horizon In Managing Chronic Skin Disorders". 

Being a qualified skin therapist, I could strongly relate on the importance of keeping the skin clear and clean to prevail Atopic Dermatitis, Seborrheic Dermatitis and Acne Vulgaris. From my point of view, the skin, whether the face or other parts of the body, without proper care, sorry to say, skin loses its lusciousness. In some of my previous beauty reviews, I have also over and over stated that our skin is sensitive, thus, essentially, caring for the skin must start with the hygiene factors, encompassing of clean environment, bacteria free hands before applying and when removing skin care/make-up and never try to save money by compromising on lifespan of products.

From the doctor’s point of view, besides prioritizing hygiene, there are other underpinning issues for skin disorders, especially itchiness and scratching which definitely will further aggravate and flare up the skin. However, with regular consultation, good skin habits and clinical products as a combination therapy, you can outgrow skin disorders and eventually, your skin will bounce back to its original state. But remember, it is still in your hands to diligently continue with applying the skin care products and no matter what, hygiene regimen is crucial. 

Thank you Menarini  and Apple Heart Marketing for the knowledgeable journey. 

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  1. Eczema is a common issue with so many people I do not have it but I do know people that do and is so frustrating for them. This information is so helpful.

  2. Skin care events and forums are always great and helps in increasing ur knowledge abt various skin problems..


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