Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Plaza Premium Lounge - Satellite Building (Kuala Lumpur International Airport)

Prior to boarding a long haul flight, it is like this for me - better early than late, check-in, a meal and then around the airport or worst comes to worst, sit-slouch somewhere before the "boarding call". Plaza Premium Lounge I have not only passed by but overlooked as well. Obviously, perceived as another criteria based membership status airport lounge, Plaza Premium Lounge actually is open to first class or economy class travellers for the "3Rs" (rest, relax and refresh).  

On this day after the healthy dining experience at Flight Club, I had the privilege of sneak peeking at the modern-first class facilities of Plaza Premium Lounge (Satellite Building KLIA) between the offered packages.  

Located in the restricted area of the airport departure level, Plaza Premium Lounge is yours upon clearance of security and immigration and presenting your boarding pass. Across the lounge, as name suggest, “Wellness Spa/Salon is the other option.   

The facilities at Plaza Premium Lounge 
3, 6 or 12 hours to utilize the facilities of the lounge (depending on option selected)
Use of shower facilities (no shower facilities in klia2)
Buffet-style hot meal
Non-alcoholic drinks and coffee
Comfortable seating area
Wi-Fi connections
International tv channels, newspapers, magazines
Flight information
** alcoholic drinks available to purchase

Head-quartered in Hong Kong, Plaza Premium Group is the pioneer and industry leader in providing Premium Airport services in over 130 locations of 35 international airports across the world, with a collective goal of “enhancing your airport experience”. The Group comprises four core airport services – Airport Lounge, Airport Transit Hotel, Airport Meet & Greet Service and Airport Dining.

The Group currently employs over 3,500 and serves over 7 million travellers around the world annually. Dedicated to providing quality services and possess proprietary knowledge in airport hospitality industry and by continuously surpassing travellers’ expectation, Plaza Premium Group is rapidly growing across major international airports around the globe.

Other facilities operated by the group at KL International Airport:
Plaza Premium Lounge (gateway@klia2)
The Green Market (Public Concourse, Departure Level, klia2)
Plaza Premium Lounge (International Departure, klia2)
Wellness Spa (International Departure, klia2)
Airport meet and Greet Service (KLIA and klia2)

Airport Premium Services
Airport Lounge
Airport Private Club
Baggage Handling and Delivery
Casual Dining
Day Rooms
Fine Dining
Meeting Facilities
Private Resting Area
Shower Facilities
Spa, Massage & Beauty Services
Transit Hotel
VIP Meet & Greet Services
Wi-Fi and Internet Workstations

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  1. Cool! I'm so used to waiting at airport lounges before my flights. Love the changi airport ones too! xoxo

  2. the place looks so relaxing
    Keep in Touch

  3. Wonderful services provided by plaza premium group!

  4. It's a neat concept. If I had lots of time to spare whilst waiting for my flight, I'd think about coming here. :)

  5. Awesome concept, esp when you have to wait in the airport for your next flight.


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